Annual Reports

Each year, the board of directors of the council files an Annual Report to the Offices of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  These reports include, among other items, independently audited financial results. 

MA Attorney General Document Search Website - Search Federal Tax ID # 04-2349692
MA Secretary of Commonwealth Document Search Website - Search Identification # 042349692

The board of directors also produces an annual report to share with council and community members which includes:

  • Information on the state of the council
  • Success stories and key council programs
  • Highlights of members and volunteers
  • Membership statistics
  • Year-end financial information

 2013 Annual Report (4.8 MB PDF)

A printed report was not produced in 2012.  Reports required by the Commonwealth were submitted and can be found on the websites above. 

 2011 Annual Report (8.8 MB PDF)

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