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Nashua Valley Council will send two troops (space for 72 Scouts) to the 2017 National Jamboree. Detailed plans are being developed. This page will be updated as plans evolve.


What is the National Jamboree (JAMBO17)? In a sentence, it is "the ultimate Scouting experience." 40,000+ Scouts and Ventures from all over the nation will come together to do Scouting activities like never seen before at any Jamboree or summer camp. Typically, they are held only once every four years, so this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Where will the JAMBO17 be held? The permanent home of the National Jamboree is the Summit Bechtel Family National Scouting Reserve near Mount Hope, West Virginia. The Summit is a spectacular Scouting playground.

What can Scouts/Venturers do at JAMBO17? The list of opportunities is very long. The Summit features spectacular program areas including climbing, shooting sports, skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, STEM opportunities, zip lines, boating, fishing, swimming, SCUBA, concerts & shows, and the opportunity to meet other Scouts from around the country.

What are the qualifications for JAMBO17? Beyond being a currently registered member of a Troop or Crew

  • Scouts must be 12 years of age by 7/19/17, or 11 years of age and completed the Sixth Grade AND not yet 18 by 7/28/17. In addition they must have earned the First Class rank.
  • Venturers must be 14 years of age by 7/19/17 AND not yet 21 years of age by 7/28/17.

Can a CURRENT Cub Scout or Webelos register for JAMBO17? YES!! As long as they will meet the age requirements by 7/19/17, they can register.

Does JAMBO17 replace summer camp? No. Summer Camp is an activity done with the Scouts' home troop. The Jamboree is done with troops formed with Scouts from across Nashua Valley Council. Scouts are free to do JAMBO17 and summer camp if they so choose.

What pre-Jamboree activities will be required? We know Scouts are busy, so we will keep it to a minimum. There will be monthly troop meetings beginning in September 2016, and a "shakedown" campout in the spring of 2017, where we will learn to work as a troop, and to get to know each other.

What does it cost? The anticipated cost is $1800 per Scout. We realize that this is a lot of money, so we have established a payment plan to spread that cost out. We will make every effort to keep the costs low as planning progresses. A $175, non-refundable deposit will be needed to hold your spot.

What is included? A lot! Pre-JAMBO17 activities, transportation, insurance, lodging, food, activities on the way to JAMBO17, all JAMBO17 activities, and patrol camping gear are some key examples.

What is NOT included? Scouts will need to bring their own personal gear, uniforms, and a sleeping bag. They will also want spending money and patches to trade. Most Scouts already own most of what they will need.

Is financial aid available? Many units allow Scouts to use a portion of the money raised through popcorn and other fundraisers for summer camp or special activities, including the Jamboree. In addition many charter organizations are willing to provide financial assistance for special activities.

Where do I register? You register online at and make your initial $175 deposit to Nashua Valley Council. You will need your membership ID number from your membership card, or your Scoutmaster, to complete the registration.

Can Scouts from the same home troop be assigned to the same Jamboree troop? Yes. As we assign Scouts to their Jamboree troop we will do our best to keep boys from the same home troop grouped together, as much as space allows.

What is the makeup of Jamboree troop? Nashua Valley Council will be sending two troops to JAMBO17. Each troop includes 36 Scouts and 4 adult leaders, one Scoutmaster and three assistants. The leaders are selected through an application process. They are all experienced leaders in successfult troops within our council.

How are we getting to the Jamboree? The Nashua Valley Council contingent will be travelling by charter bus to the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. Because of the distance we will be stopping overnight on the way to and from the Jamboree.