Jamboree Fees and Payments

Details about fees, payment plans and refund policies for members of the council's Jamboree contingent.


Contingent Fee

The full cost of the Jamboree is $2000 per person. This includes the $975 Jamboree fee, as well as all travel, lodging, food, and activity expenses. The following payment schedule has been established to help break up the cost over time. The Nashua Valley Council has payment deadlines it must meet in order to avoid late fees. This schedule has been established with those deadlines in mind. Participants are free to make more frequent payments if they wish. All payments should be made payable to NASHUA VALLEY COUNCIL and paid at the council service center or mailed to Nashua Valley Council, 1980 Lunenburg Rd. Lancaster, MA 01523. 

 Payment Plan

Date Minimum Payment
Deposit (due at registration)  $175
March 15, 2017 $975
May 1, 2017 $2000

Refund Policy

Planning for the Jamboree is very detailed. Payments for the Jamboree, transportation, lodging, equipment purchases and other expenses are made months in advance. These payments are often non-refundable. For that reason the following policy has been established:

  1. The Jamboree deposit of $175 is non-refundable, with the exception of those placed on a waiting list for whom a space cannot be secured.
  2. Other fees may be refundable if there are participants on a waiting list, or an alternate can be found. If an alternate is not available, refunds may or may not be granted at the discretion of the Scout Executive depending on individual circumstances and payments already committed to the Jamboree, vendors, and service providers. Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to Nashua Valley Council.
  3. No refunds will be granted after February 28, 2017 unless a replacement is available.