Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:    Will Webelos Woods be cancelled because of rain?
A:    We do not cancel because of rain.  Expect the event to be held in any case.  You should be ready to camp (with your equipment) regardless of weather reports.  But the weather may be real nice. 

Q:    Do I need to bring my own tent?
A:    Yes, the canvas tents used by the Boy Scouts at summer camp will be taken down and all camp equipment stored.  There will be some platforms available that your tent may be placed on, but there are not enough for everybody. Some tents will have to go on the ground.  Troops are a good source for tents if you need one to use for this weekend.

Q:    Did I say I had a BIG tent?
A:    We recommended tents for four or fewer people.  Large tents fill up a campsite very quickly and all sites do become full.

Q:    Can we stay at ___________ site?
A:    Campsites are assigned based on pack size. more than one pack will be in the same site. We will endeavor to keep packs that geographically linked together. Requests (except for medical reasons) cannot be taken for a particular site. Additionally, site selections are not done until the week before the event after all Scouts have registered.

Q:    What about wood for a campfire?
A:    Mother Nature has created a whole lot of new dead wood, so don’t worry.  Please note that the ban on out-of-state firewood at Wanocksett is still active so do not bring any wood from home. 

Q:    Will you confirm which class my son gets?
A:    We can’t, because we’re not able to do this accurately and for everybody.  Because we are gathering teachers throughout the year, we’re sometimes not sure how many boys we can put into a particular class up until the event.  We make every effort to make sure each boy gets his first choice.  Although most boys are placed in their first choice and are firmly set there, we are working up until that morning to place boys.

Q:    Do I get the pin at the event?
A:    No, when the medical forms and patches are given out at the end of the event Sunday, you get a card for each Webelos who has completed a class as notification. 

Q:    What else can I, as a parent, do during this event?
A:    You’re welcome to quietly view any of the classes (but be aware that instructors are empowered to draft your help at any time).  There will be an afternoon open house, with snacks, presenting an opportunity to discover what your son can be doing in Boy Scouting and beyond as well as talking with the people who work with these activities.  And there will be food.

Q:    Do I need to bring food?

A:    You will need a bag lunch for Saturday and food and cooking equipment for dinner. Breakfasts will be served in the camp dining hall.