Additional Activities

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Afternoon for Adults

Webelos Woods will host a fellowship cracker-barrel in the afternoon for any adult in camp.

This will also be an opportunity for parents to talk to Nashua Valley Scouting Professionals and senior volunteers.  Do you have questions about the scouting program?  The professionals and volunteers taking part are certainly interested in both your questions and opinion.

BB’s, Archery, Slingshots & Climbing Wall

Boys will have limited access to shooting sports which will be manned by trained staff.  Please note that these sites will be open for only a limited amount of time and no one will be allowed to shoot when the sites are not open.

If the Scout has a morning activity badge, then he will have access to these events in the afternoon. If the Scout has an afternoon activity class, he will be able to access these events in the morning.

The climbing wall will also be open and manned with trained staff, weather permitting.  These events are more sensitive to weather cancellation which is at the discretion of our trained staff.

Scouts’ Own Ceremony

In the words of someone familiar with the scouting program:

“For an open Troop, or for Troops in camp, I think the Scouts' Own should be open to all denominations, and carried on in such a manner as to offend none. There should not be any special form, but it should abound in the right spirit, and should be conducted not from any ecclesiastical point of view, but from that of the boy. Everything likely to make an artificial atmosphere should be avoided. We do not want a kind of imposed Church parade, but a voluntary uplifting of their hearts by the boys in thanksgiving for the joys of life, and a desire on their part to seek inspiration and strength for greater love and service for others.

“A Scouts' Own should have as big an effect on the boys as any service in church, if in conducting the Scouts' Own we remember that boys are not grown men, and if we go by the pace of the youngest and most uneducated of those present. Boredom is not reverence, nor will it breed religion.

“To interest the boys, the Scout's Own must be a cheery and varied function. Short hymns (three verses are as a rule quite enough-never four); understandable prayers; a good address from a man who really understands boys (a homily "talk" rather than an address), which grips the boys, and in which they may laugh or applaud as the spirit moves them, so that they take a real interest in what is said. If a man cannot make his point to keen boys in ten minutes he ought to be shot! If he has not got them keen, it would be better not to hold a Scouts' Own at all.”

–By Baden Powell, Printed in "The Scouter", November 1928

The Evening Movie

At 8:30 pm we show a movie in the dining hall. The movie will be appropriate for Webelos age boys. There is also considerable effort in finding a movie that will appeal to adults as well.