2016-2021 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is the process of formalizing a road map that describes how your company executes strategies chosen to achieve the defined outcomes. A plan spells out where an organization is going over the next year or more and how it’s going to get there. A strategic plan is a management tool that helps an organization do a better job in growing and improving the business. Communication of the plan focuses the energy, resources, and time of everyone in the organization in the same direction and on the big picture rather than simply the day-to-day details of operating the business. 

Strategic planning causes you to seriously reflect on the core business, its direction, and what needs to be done to achieve its highest potential. The plan documents the outcome of the planning process. 

A strategic plan is developed to provide the council with a coordinated and systematic process for overall council direction and for optimizing future potential. A strategic plan: 

  • Defines the mission and purpose of the council
  •  Sets the council’s direction
  •  Helps build a council’s competitive advantage
  •  Assesses the gap between where you are (SWOT analysis) and where you want to be (vision)
  •  Communicates the council’s strategy to staff and volunteers
  •  Prioritizes financial needs, membership, program, and other activities
  •  Provides focus and direction to move from plan to action

Our Vision

Nashua Valley Council strives to be North Central Massachusetts’s premier youth development agency.

Our Mission

The mission of the Nashua Valley Council is to ful ll the mission of the Boy Scouts of America by involving all eligible youth and their families in a comprehensive, year-round program that includes:

  • Challenging outdoor adventure
  • Leadership development for engaged citizenship
  • Creating life-long habits of cheerful service to others.

Our Strategic Focus

Grow and Retain Membership

Membership is vital to Nashua Valley Council’s success and many of these ideas are reinforced in other strategic focus areas. A key consideration of this focus area is that while our mission is related to our youth members, the actual members of the council are our chartered organization partners. A focus on year-round membership opportunities, identifying new charter organizations, and providing more training to those involved is what will make this focus area a success.

  • Develop unit ownership of the recruiting and retention process.
  • Develop functional council and district organizations for membership support.
  • Encourage year-round recruiting as stand-alone campaigns and as an integral part of a unit’s activity plan.
  • Ensure progression towards 85% retention of youth, year- over-year, in all units.
  • Identify new chartered partner opportunities, especially in new or under-served market segments.

Ensure Financial Stability

To honor its mission of involving all eligible youth and their families in a comprehensive, year-round program, the Nashua Valley Council must sustain its current nancial status and identify new revenue opportunities. The strategic plan charges the board and professional staff to grow council revenue in new and unique ways, including a focus on long-term endowment growth and increased community support.

  • Develop and maintain a yearly balanced budget.
  • Promote nancial transparency and accountability.
  • Grow the annual Trail’s End popcorn sale revenue.
  • Grow the Camp Card program.
  • Grow the annual Friends of Scouting campaign by maintaining the family program and growing the community program.
  • Grow the council’s endowment through planned giving, memorial opportunities, and signi cant gift donors.

Develop Quality Leadership

The quality of district and council volunteers, professional staff, and our board members is paramount to Nashua Valley Council’s continued success. We are committed to having the “best in class” leadership at all levels of the organization. To help achieve this, new training will focus on spreading the “customer service” culture that is exhibited at Camp Wanocksett and Camp Split Rock throughout the year-round volunteer and professional organization.

  • Recruit, retain, and develop a balanced board of directors, representative of the geography, talents, and demographics of the Nashua Valley Council.
  • Ensure the hiring, retention, and development of a best-in-class Scout Executive.
  • Ensure the hiring, retention, and development of best-in-class unit-serving executives and of ce personnel.
  • Expand and share our successful “camp staff culture” throughout our volunteer and professional staffs.
  • Evaluate and align our organizational structure to best execute our strategic plan.
  • Evaluate and align our bylaws to contemporary non-pro t organization best practices, applicable laws, and National Council recommendations.

Build Strong Relationships

Our vision statement challenges the Nashua Valley Council to be the area’s premier youth development agency. This will primarily be accomplished through strong relationships of all individuals and organizations related to our vision including all involved directly with programs, charter partner organizations, community leadership, and the media. As well, we must remain mindful of our relationship to the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America as the Scouting movement evolves. Similarly, we must maintain a keen awareness of our greater Scouting “neighborhood” in Massachusetts and how best to organize to serve ef ciently and effectively. The vision relates to a “top of class” program not only within the Boy Scouts of America, but more generally as a youth development agency. It is through strong partnerships that we will achieve our vision and ful ll our mission.

  • Enhance customer service at the council service center.
  • Recruit additional commissioners and strengthen the commissioner corps through training and development.
  • Develop a resource database of potential volunteers and associated skills.
  • Promote and recognize individual and unit service in our communities.
  • Continue and improve upon communications platforms (Roundtable, newsletter, web site, social media).
  • Develop and maintain personal relationships with institutional heads and chartered partners.
  • Better engage community leadership through in-person visitation and invitations to unit and council functions.
  • Optimize council and unit promotion and awareness through local media platforms.

Deliver Excellent Programs

This strategic plan, in support of our mission, challenges us to involve all eligible youth and their families in a comprehensive, year-round program. We cannot accomplish this strategic focus if we are not offering excellent year-round opportunities to our members and their youth. Our summer camp programs set a standard of excellence for all of our programs to follow, and we will strive to continue this success over future summers and to build upon that energy and culture throughout the year across all Scouting programs.

  • Deliver outstanding summer camp experiences for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts at Camp Split Rock and Camp Wanocksett.
  • Maximize opportunities for year-round programs at camp properties.
  • Ensure that all unit leaders receive position-speci c training, effectively delivered.
  • Provide outstanding year-round programs for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers.
  • Promote high adventure opportunities through national high adventure bases, local high adventure opportunities, and national and world Scout jamborees.