Online Charter Renewal

Charter renewal packages for will be distributed to unit key-3 (Unit Leader, Committee Chair, and Charter Rep) in mid-October. The email will contain:

  • Introduction letter with online access code.
  • Links to membership & training tutorials.
  • Fee worksheets with 2017 fee schedule.
  • FOS family presentation request.

Unit key-3 are encouraged to review the training and rosters to ensure they are up to date.

  • Are all of your new applications submitted, and any errors corrected?
  • Are there any adult leaders whose youth protection training will expire before December 31, 2017?
  • Did any unit or charter organization leaders change position? Was an updated application received?

Important Dates:

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Customize your listing

The Boy Scouts of America has launched a new recruiting Web site In addition to a wealth of information about Scouting for new and prospective members, this Web site will also connect prospective members and parents to packs, troops, and crews near their home.

All Nashua Valley Council units have a listing on Ths initial listing contains generic information and uses the contact information for the Nashua Valley Council service center. Unit leaders may customize this listing to include meeting location and local unit contact information.

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