750 Club Patch Design Contest

A new incentive this year for our scouts, "The 750 Club"! Scouts who can raise $750 during the 2017 Popcorn Fundraiser will become a member of the Nashua Valley Council 750 Club. For achieving this fundraising milestone, scouts will receive a special prize and a collectable patch.

This patch will be unique to Nashua Valley Council and our top fundraisers. So, we are turning to the imaginative minds of our Scouts. We are holding a patch design contest. The scout whose design is chosen will receive a $25 gift card to the Lancaster Scout Shop.

Scouts who enter the contest must submit a drawing and a written explanation of their design. The designs will NOT be judged on the scout's artistic skills, but their design idea and the following guidelines:

  • Drawings must be on white, unlined paper.
  • Explanations on a separate page
  • Designs must have a "popcorn" theme
  • Must include "the 750 Club" in the design

Submissions can be scanned and emailed to Matthew Ghirarda This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The design selected will be subjected to modifications by the council to meet BSA licensing standards.

The contest begins April 1st and will end May 1st. The winning design will be announced at the Popcorn Kickoff on August 28th.

For more details, contact Matt Palladino at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2017 Sale Dates

Important dates and deadlines for this year's Popcorn sale. Watch this space for updates.

April 1   Patch design contest begins.
May 1 4:00 PM Patch design contest ends.
May 23 7:00 PM Training for returning unit Popcorn Kernels at the Council Service Center.
June 1 7:00 PM Training for new unit Popcorn Kernels at the Council Service Center.
August 23 6:30 PM Sale kickoff event at Great Wolf Lodge
August 26 8:00 AM Show & Sell distribution at Moore's Lumber, Ayer, MA
October 21 8-10 AM Show & Sell returns at Council Service Center
October 27 9 AM - 4 PM 50% Show & Sell payments due to Council Service Center
November 3   Take Order break down at Moore's Lumber, Ayer, MA
November 4 8 AM - 12 PM Take Order distribution at Moore's Lumber, Ayer, MA
December 1 9 AM - 4 PM Take Order payments due to Council Service Center

Using Square for Show & Sell

To facilitate credit card payments for your unit's Show & Sell sales, Nashua Valley Council provides Square credit card readers and a Square account for each unit in the council. NVC Credit Card Processing accounts are only to be used for the unit's Show 'n Sell program and not payments for take orders.


  • A supported mobile device (iOS 8+ or Android 4.4+ required)

  • A Square Reader - Pick up your reader(s) from Matt Ghirarda during the Show 'n Sell distribution on Saturday, September 10. Return your reader(s) during Take Order Pick up on November 19

  • A Nashua Valley Council Mobile Sales Staff Account

It is suggested that you complete steps 1-3 at home prior to getting to your show 'n sell location.

  1. Install the Square Register App onto your device.  Visit https://squareup.com/help/en-us/article/5243-download-square-register for links to download and a complete list of supported devices. Make sure your device’s OS and Square Register App are both up to date.

  2. Sign in with your Nashua Valley Council Square Account

    • This account is unique to your unit and is the only way your unit will receive credit for payments received through Square.

  3. Connect your Square Reader to your headphone jack.

  4. Select the product(s) the customer would like to purchase (avoid using the custom amount option; this helps us track the sale performance).

  5. Show the customer the total for the sale.

  6. Swipe the card - DO NOT key in the card information (this costs more)

    • Must be a Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express card.

  7. Have the customer sign the device with their finger or stylus.

    • Only sales over $25 require a signature.

  8. Ask the customer for their email address to send a receipt to them. Thank them for the sale.

Offline Mode - You are able to take payments offline (without Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi Internet access), but you must verify that the card is a valid card, the expiration date has not passed, and that the buyer is the person listed on the card.  It is suggested that you always run in online mode to avoid any declined or failed transactions.  If you must work in offline mode, you must connect your device to the Internet within 24 hours and open the app to automatically sync transactions.  You'll know your are in offline mode by the red status bar at the top of your device  If you take a payment offline that fails, or fail to connect your device to the Internet to process transactions, your unit will be liable for the cost of the items.  If you have pending offline payments, do not delete the Square app. Pending offline payments will be permanently lost and the funds won't be captured if the app is deleted. Make sure you process these payments by re-connecting your device to the Internet.

Tech support questions (password reset, Square questions, etc.) should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Do not contact Square directly.