Scouting Needs Your Support

Scouting in Nashua Valley Councils exists because of the support we receive from our families, our volunteers, and our communities. This support enables Nashua Valley Council to help the young people of our communities develop into the leaders of tomorrow; to provide them with outstanding outdoor experiences, a love of the natural world, and an appreciation of their place in it; to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle; to facilitate their involvement with positive adult role-models who will help them learn to make ethical choices throughout their lives; and to instill in them a sense of responsible, participating citizenship in their community, our nation, and the world.

Scouting is growing and thriving in north-central Massachusetts. Careful management and a strong volunteer base have enabled Nashua Valley Council to continue to serve a large and diverse group of Scouts. We have accomplished this, in part, because our members and community leaders see the value of Scouting and have helped maintain a strong fundraising base. It is critical that we keep this trend going.


Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign raises more than $120,000 from communities, businesses and families to support Nashua Valley Council's annual operating budget.

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Scouting volunteers will visit units between January and May to share our successes from the past year, our needs for the future, and give all Scout families the opportunity to support Nashua Valley Council for the coming year. We know that you value Scouting. Your support will help ensure we can continue in our mission to deliver a values-based program of citizenship, character development, and physical fitness for our Scouts.

Families are the ones who see first-hand the benefit of Scouting for their child. A successful Friends of Scouting campaign will help ensure:

  • Your unit leaders receive the training and problem-solving support they need to keep your Scouts safe, and make your unit successful.
  • Your Scouts have access to best-in-class camping facilities, and exceptional program opportunities.
  • The council can extend the benefits of the Scouting program to more local youth than ever before.
  • The council is able to provide financial assistance to Scouts attending summer camp.

Strong family support helps local companies, organizations, and community leaders to recognize the importance of Scouting to youth in our communities, and make their own contributions to Nashua Valley Council.



Community Solar Program

Through a partnership with Nexamp – the Massachusetts-based solar company that developed and built the first solar project at Mohegan Council's Treasure Valley Reservation (among the largest in the Commonwealth!) – residents and small businesses in our Scouting community can sign up to save 15% on annual electricity costs through Nexamp’s Solarize My Bill community solar program. This program is open to anyone with a National Grid electricity bill in Central and Western Massachusetts. Solarize My Bill customers get the benefits of solar energy savings for as long as they are enrolled, without installing any equipment on their property. There is no cost to participate, and signing up at the Nashua Valley Council’s dedicated webpage is easy: Spots are limited, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign-up today to reserve your spot! Or, if you have any questions, please contact Nexamp’s in-house Eagle Scout to learn more: Eric Misbach | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 617.431.1440 ext 125

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You can contribute a donation to Nashua Valley Council by starting your online shopping at AmazonSmile. By designating Nashua Valley Council as your charity of choice, Amazon will contribute 0.5% of your eligible purchases to support Scouting in north-central Massachusetts. 

Visit to designate Nashua Valley Council and be sure to start your online shopping at each time. 


Gift In-Kind Donations

The Scouting program requires many resources to deliver the program during the year. Many items, such as office products, cleaning supplies, and consumable goods can be donated to the Nashua Valley Council through our Gifts In-Kind program. We have created a list of the items in need and what they are for using an Amazon Wish List. With this program you can purchase items needed for programs and the day-to-day operation of the service center and have them shipped directly to the service center. 

Be sure to use Amazon Smile to have an additional donation from Amazon sent to us with your purchase. 

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Wachusett Mountain Donation Program

With Wachusett Mountain in our council, visitors can save on lift ticket and rental purchases and help the Scouting program thrive. By buying your tickets and rentals online before you get to the mountain you'll automatically save money on your purchase. Using coupon code DON-NVC at the check-out will automatically make a $10 donation to Nashua Valley Council to support programs in our council. Donations will be made for every purchase using the code between November 15 and April 5.

Buy your tickets online today!


One Car One Difference Vehicle Donation Program

One Car One Difference® is a program where donated vehicles help support Scouting, both locally and nationally. Donated vehicles are sold at auction and the proceeds from the sale are shared between the National Council and the Nashua Valley Council, with 95% of the proceeds benefiting the local council. The program is run by the Insurance Auto Auctions’ Donation Division. Vehicles within 100 miles of IAA’s 160 offices are usually picked up within 24 hours. Beyond that distance, donations typically are picked up in two days.

Any vehicle with a motor can be donated, including construction and heavy equipment, cars, trucks, vans, boats (with trailers), motorcycles, RVs and ATVs. Vehicles can be in any condition.

Fleet vehicles at the end of their useful life are ideal candidates for this program. Instead of being sold for scrap, vehicles donated to Scouting generate a tax deduction for the business and support the local council. Note that the proceeds from your donated vehicle cannot be given to an individual Scouting pack, troop, crew, team or post due to tax regulations.

For more information or to arrange for a donation, visit the One Car One Difference website or call (855) 272-1227.

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Sponsorships & Special Events

Throughout the year Nashua Valley Council conducts several special events that provide support and sponsorship opportunities.

Distinguished Citizen Award Reception

November 7, 2018 at Devens Commons Center, Devens.
Each year Nashua Valley Council recognizes one of our outstanding community leaders for their contributions to the betterment of North-Central Massachusetts.


Endowment & Long-Term Giving

The Nashua Valley Council’s endowment fund provides sustained financial support for council programs, camp facilities, camperships and unit support. Contributions to the council endowment help ensure that Nashua Valley Council will continue to deliver the promise of Scouting for the next generation of youth.

More Information

“Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man”

Since 1910 the Boy Scouts of America has worked to prepare young people to make ethical decisions over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Today Nashua Valley Council continues to pursue that mission in the 100 Boy Scout Troops, Cub Scout Packs and Venturing Crews in the 32 North-central Massachusetts communities we serve.

The James E. West Fellowship

James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. West worked with the founders to give direction to the infant program of the Boy Scouts of America. During his 33 year tenure, Scouting grew and matured into the program we recognize and enjoy today. The James E. West Fellowship, named for the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, is awarded for gifts of $1000 or more to the Nashua Valley Council endowment fund. It recognizes those individuals who “lengthen their shadow” with a significant investment in the youth of tomorrow. Organizations or individuals may contribute an award in honor of someone – an Eagle Scout, a Silver Beaver recipient, council, district or unit Scouter, or in memory of a departed loved one. There can be no finer honor paid to a Scouter than to be named a James E. West Fellow, indicating that the honoree has displayed the same spirit and dedication to Scouting as James E. West. The James E. West Fellowship Award is an attractive certificate, personalized with the honorees name. In addition, there will be a distinctive lapel pin and an embroidered square knot for uniform wear.

The Scouting Heritage Society

The Scouting Heritage Society's objective is to encourage men and women who believe in Scouting to invest in the future. The Scouting Heritage Society recognizes those individuals who have helped ensure that Scouting will continue to thrive in Nashua Valley Council for generations to come, Members of the Scouting Heritage Society will be recognized with an attractive certificate, lapel pin, and inclusion on the Heritage Society plaque displayed in the council service center.

Who Pays for Scouting?

Scouts Assisted by their families, members pay from their personal savings and participation in money-earning projects. Members buy their own uniforms, handbooks, personal equipment, and activity fees.

Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews Weekly, monthly, or annual dues and funds from money-earning projects meet expenses for supplies, equipment, and activities. These monies also pay for registration fees, Boys Life subscriptions, awards and recognitions, special activities, and program materials.

Communities Organizations Chartered organizations provide meeting space, and adult leadership to Scouting units. Businesses and organizations like the United Way support the local council with Friends of Scouting contributions, and participation in award dinners, golf tournaments, and other special events. 

Local Council The Nashua Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit corporation. Financial support for our youth programs come from from five primary sources:

  1. Direct contributions through our annual "Friends of Scouting" campaign
  2. Endowment - Includes wills, estate planning and the James E. West Fellowship
  3. Capital Gifts - Support our Summer camps and Council Service Center
  4. Gifts-In-Kind - Donations of materials or services
  5. Special Events - Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner, Golf Tournaments and other community events.

Where does the money go?

Membership Fees $25 per year The Boy Scouts of America charges an annual membership fee of $24. This fee is paid by your unit and sent on to the national office as part of the annual charter renewal process. That membership fee funds the Boy Scouts of America at the national level, and supports important aspects of the local council such as staff training, data management, program support, and recruiting materials.

An additional $1 per person is used to pay for insurance.

None of the $25 annual membership fees directly funds Scouting locally.

Pack, Troop, Team, Crew Dues In addition to the annual membership fee most units charge weekly, monthly, or annual dues, and may conduct fundraisers throughout the year. In addition to paying the annual membership fees, these funds help pay for equipment (tents, stoves, Pinewood Derby tracks, etc.), awards, recognitions, and may cover some activity costs.

Camp & Activity Fees Activity fees, pay the specific costs associated with individual activities, and are generally kept low to keep activities affordable for Scouts and units.

Summer camp fees pay for the cost of the summer camp program, and staff, and the year-round maintenance upkeep, and utilities for our camp properties.

Council Fundraising Efforts & Investment Income Each year Nashua Valley Council conducts a variety of fundraising projects. These include the annual popcorn and camp card sales which units participate in, golf tournaments and other special community events, and our annual Friends of Scouting campaign. In addition the council receives investment income from our endowment, as well as several charitable bequests.

These funds raised pay for the day-to-day operation of the council. This includes:

  • Council staff - The council maintains a modest staff of 9 people who maintain registration and advancement records, manage activity and camp registrations, problem solving and conflict resolution to units, assist with volunteer recruiting, maintain and manage our camp properties.
  • Volunteer training - Most of our training opportunities for volunteers are free or very low cost. This training helps unit leaders better deliver the Scouting program in their packs, troops, teams, and crews. The council picks up the cost of training materials and facilities for these trainings.
  • Financial Aid - Nashua Valley is committed to help as many young people as possible reap the benefits of the Scouting program. Each year the council spends more than $20,000 to ensure that disadvantaged Scouts can attend summer camp and participate in other Scouting opportunities.
  • Communication - The council utilizes  a website and e-mail newsletter, as well as traditional mailings to keep our members up to date on the latest activities and Scouting news.
  • Council Service Center - Nashua Valley Council is fortunate to have a first-rate facility in Lancaster that rivals most other councils in New England. Our headquarters in Lancaster provides office and meeting space, as well as space for our local Scout Shop for uniforms, books, awards, and other supplies. However, the building has utility, maintenance, and upkeep costs associated with it.