Nashua Valley’s Mission

Nashua Valley is a one-stop destination for all things brain health, neurohacking, and nootropics. On this website, you will find loads of science-backed information on cognitive improvement as well as expert supplement reviews.

Our main area of expertise is neuro-hacking; methods of naturally improving our mental energy levels, brain performance, sleep quality, and cognitive well-being. We also cover topics such as Neuriva reviews and create guides on other popular brain pills on the market.

Most of the website is dedicated to reviews. We scour the web in search of nootropics – both new and those that have been on the market for a long time and enjoy great popularity. We draw on years of experience in nutrition, health, and product reviews to give you in-depth answers to your questions about these supplements.

There are hundreds of different nootropics today, each one claiming to have unique benefits. It’s easy to get confused in the sea of options out there. You can be spending hundreds of dollars before you find the right nootropic for you.

The goal of our brain supplement reviews is to help you skip this “trial and error” phase and cut straight to the supplements that work – the ones that are tried and tested and shown to work excellently for most users, thanks to their safe and study-backed ingredients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we do our research, product reviews, guides, and informative articles, or if you have a supplement you’d like to us to check, feel free to contact us here.

Background on Nashua Valley

Nashua Valley is managed by Valentino “V.M.” Muža. A large chunk of the website is his work. What isn’t written by Valentino is fact-checked and carefully revised by him before publication.

A self-proclaimed “health freak”, Valentino has been extensively researching and testing different supplements since 2016. He has seen almost every well-known nootropic out there. In his brain supplement analyses, Valentino checks the product’s ingredient profile, compares it to other competitor products, and publishes his findings online.

Valentino is a certified nutritionist. He received his diploma in 2019 at the Magistra College Institution in Zagreb, Croatia. It was here that Valentino went to the Nutritionist training program, which was approved by Croatia’s Ministry of Health. He was officially registered as a nutritionist in his e-work book in June 2019.

Valentino’s expertise puts him in a qualified position to analyze and review brain supplements. His background allows him to properly distill scientific information and share his findings with you, helping you to make an informed choice.

Through his research & inspections, Valentino continues to deepen his knowledge of nutraceuticals, nootropic compounds, and pharmaceuticals, among others. His mission is to get Nashua Valley to a place he’s satisfied with.

NASHUAVALLEYBSA.ORG is also supported by a number of amazing individuals who dedicate their time to research & publication. The people behind Nashua Valley are all well-versed in product research, and they have personal experience reviewing products at Nashua Valley.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact page and we’ll respond as soon as time allows.

Who is Nashua Valley? is a consumer watchdog website run by a team of experts based within the supplement industry. Nashua Valley’s website is focused on neurohacking. It publishes informed & informative content relating to brain performance and nootropic reviews.

Nashua Valley is a part of the Convert Media group which also contains It has been publishing articles on cognitive enhancement and nootropics since 2021. The current editor and lead author is Valentino Muža. Nashua Valley contributors are as follows:

  • Kreso “K.M.” Majcen
  • Josip Muža

Where is Nashua Valley Located?

As a subsidiary of Convert Media, Nashua Valley is located in Donji Lađevac 12, Slunj, Croatia. However, Nashua Valley operates worldwide with its main focus being on the U.K. and U.S. nootropic markets.

The official address of

Donji Lađevac 12

For more information on our P.O. box address, phone number, and our official email address, please visit this page.