Avantera Elevate Review

In this review, we bring you Avantera Elevate – a supplement that claims to enhance your memory and focus, reduce inflammation and improve gut health. Given all these benefits are attributed to a single product, Avantera Elevate sounds very promising.

To find out how true this is and if Elevate is as effective as it claims to be, we decided to make this review. So read along and find out what are its main ingredients, how effective they are, and if it’s a good purchase for that kind of money.

For starters, let’s begin with a short summary to get the feel of what you can expect from Avantera Elevate.

Avantera Elevate Summarized


  • Contains some well-researched that should help your focus and memory
  • Good dose of Bacopa monnieri


  • Poor value for money
  • Ingredient doses are hidden in propriety blends
  • A considerable number of negative user reviews


Avantera Elevate is a nootropic supplement with a decent list of ingredients. Most of them are thoroughly researched and shown to be effective. That leaves a great first impression.

Unfortunately, this changes soon. On the label, most of Elevate’s individual doses are hidden in proprietary blends. This means you cannot be sure how much of an ingredient there is and how effective it is.

Another issue is that Elevate has not been received too well by independent reviews. Some people label it as either ineffective or giving them negative side effects. Based on the ingredients we’ve looked at, Avantera Elevate should improve your focus and mental energy to an extent, but for the price that is being charged, it could offer a lot more.

What do we recommend?

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About Avantera Elevate

Claimed Benefits: Improves memory and focus, Boosts energy, Supports gut health, Reduces stress
Ingredients:  Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s mane, BioPerine, L-Theanine, Turmeric, CDP Choline, Caffeine
Manufacturer: Avantera
Available at: avanterahealth.com, Amazon
Price: $49.95-$64.95

What is Avantera Elevate?

Avantera Elevate is a supplement in the form of capsules that contains a mix of various herbs, mushrooms, and bioactive compounds. 

Manufacturers claim that its formula is carefully designed with the help of doctors & nutritionists to help you improve gut health, energy, focus, and memory. So if you are looking for a way to think better, feel more energized, and be stress-free, Elevate might be a supplement you are looking for. 

Did Avantera succeed in putting together a supplement that can give you all the proclaimed benefits? We are here to help you find out. To make a verdict, we need to take a closer look at the most important part of any supplement – the ingredient list. 

So let’s get started and evaluate what are its active compounds, doses, and what the studies done so far say about their efficiency.

Ingredients – What’s Inside Avantera Elevate?

When we look at the ingredients list, two things catch our eye.

First, Elevate indeed contains a rich formula with many different ingredients. These include Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s mane, BioPerine, L-Theanine, Turmeric, CDP Choline, Caffeine. All of them are thoroughly researched and well-known to be effective. So, props to Avantera.

However, the second thing we notice is that most of the ingredients are mixed into proprietary blends. This means that the individual doses of ingredients are unknown, and only the overall amount of the blend is established. This means we cannot know how effective individual ingredients are, and even if they are effective. We can only guess. 

This is standard trick manufacturers use to bulk up their ingredients list and make it seem better. By putting only a small dose and hiding it behind a propriety blend, it allows them to save money.

The only dose clearly established on the label is the one of the Bacopa monnieri (and Bacosides extracted from it).

Note that Avantera Elevate contains 45mg of caffeine. But in order to find that information you have to look under Safety information on Avantera’s site. You won’t find it on the label.

Since no other individual doses are established, all we can do is to look into Bacopa and caffeine to determine how effective they are. 

  • Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa is a herb with nootropic properties used to enhance memory. Other than being a cognitive enhancer, it is used as a stress reliever and as a way to improve vitality. 

The standard dose of Bacopa monnieri is 300mg. However, what determines how effective it is the Bacoside content in it. Bacoside is the active compound of the Bacopa monnieri and it is responsible for its benefits.

To be considered effective, it should make at least 50% of the total Bacopa weight. Avantera Elevate contains a great dose of both – a total dose of 300mg Bacopa, and 150mg of Bacoside. Which is very good.

  • Caffeine

Not much has to be said about caffeine. It is probably the world’s most consumed stimulant. It is naturally found in coffee beans and some teas. It acts as a mental stimulant, improves physical performance and endurance. What is the effective dose depends a lot on the individual.  

Avantera Elevate contains only 45mg of caffeine, which is not much. However, it comes in addition to other nootropics. So that mix should guarantee to boost you up.

Our Commentary on Avantera Elevate’s Ingredients

The ingredients formula looks great – it contains some of the best ingredients for brain performance. However, the most important is left out – their dosages. And since they determine how effective the supplement’s ingredients are, we cannot entirely determine how beneficial Avantera Elevate might be for you. The formula does look promising and it is packed with many great ingredients.

However, more doesn’t always mean better. The problem with supplements being packed with many different ingredients is that manufacturers have to compensate for it somehow. And most usually it is by putting smaller doses of active ingredients in it. That’s why manufacturers often try to hide behind propriety blends.

Do we think Avantera Elevate is a bad supplement? Not necessarily. But we would rather see it have fewer ingredients, but with more efficient doses. By bulking up the ingredient list, they had to sacrifice the doses and thus its efficiency. Which is not desirable.

User Reviews

The fact that Avantera Elevate has not-so-great user reviews speaks for itself. On Amazon, it got an average rating of 3.9/5., which is not so great. It doesn’t go in its favor either that almost 20% of users rated it with 1-star. Because they felt no noticeable difference. A lot of people think it is ineffective and a waste of money

However, a lot of people think Elevate is great. Almost 60% of users gave it 5-stars. They claim Avantera Elevate helped them feel more energized and focused throughout the day.

Pricing & Other Things to Consider

On the official site, depending on whether you purchase a 1-pack or a 3-pack, Avantera Elevate is sold from $49.95 to $64.95. Considering one package equals a one-month supply, this is quite a lot of money. Elevate is probably one of the more expensive supplements we have reviewed lately. Do we think it is a good purchase for that price?

We don’t think it is. For that price, we expected a lot more from Avantera Elevate. This also confirms mixed user reviews. A lot of people expected more from it and Avantera Elevate didn’t fulfill their expectations either.

In our opinion, there are far better supplements on the market. Especially in that price range.

Dosage Instructions

Every morning, take 2 capsules Of Elevate with a glass of water. For the best results, take it on an empty stomach.

One jar of Avanteraa Elevate is enough for 30 servings.

Side Effects

For most individuals, Avantera Elevate should be safe and shouldn’t cause any problems. However, due to Bacopa monnieri and caffeine, some people might experience some minor side effects.

Taking Bacopa monnieri on an empty stomach can cause digestive problems such as nausea, cramping, and diarrhea.

As far as caffeine goes, the dosage is small and shouldn’t cause any problems. That said, individuals sensitive to caffeine might experience negative side effects such as stomach irritation or restlessness.

Conclusion to Avantera Elevate’s REVIEW

Although at first glance it looks promising, Avantera Elevate fails to deliver its expectations. Most of the ingredients are hidden in the propriety blends, which means you cannot be entirely sure how effective Elevate is. This further confirms mixed user reviews with a high percentage of unhappy customers.

Not to mention, Avantera Elevate is expensive. With a little research it’s possible to find better options on the market at this price range.

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  1. Hi Nashua!

    I am the CEO of Avantera, a company that sells a nootropic (Elevate) that your site recently did a review on. I actually thought the review was pretty fair and reasonable given the information available, but I did want to respond as I think there are some incorrect conclusions.

    I break down my response in 3 categories which the article addresses:
    1. Amount of ingredients hidden in proprietary blends – Yes, of course we do have proprietary blends to conceal the amount of certain ingredients, but that is not to hide the fact that we don’t have the appropriate amounts of each ingredient emulate the efficacy shown in clinical studies. Really, as I’m sure you know, it is becoming increasingly easy to launch an ecommerce website and our proprietary blends are a way to protect us from people copying our formula. We worked very hard on creating this formula and it seems unfair to give it out for free. That said, we would be happy to share our exact ingredient list, as well as the corresponding COA’s for each ingredient with you if you are willing to sign a standard NDA. You will see that the amount of each ingredient was well researched and matches the dosages/efficacy of the clinical research available. Even more so than most or all of our competitors. In addition to that, we source the highest quality option of each respective ingredient. A fact that was not discussed in your article, and one of the reasons we charge what we do.
    2. Not so positive user reviews – This whole section was based on our 3.9 star rating on Amazon, which I don’t think tells the whole story. First, we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback which you can see in the over 1400 legitimate reviews on our website. I know it’s it would be easy to falsify these reviews, but we pride ourselves on not doing stuff like that. In regards to Amazon, we have only recently listed our product there and there are only 350 or so reviews. I don’t think that is an accurate depiction of our customer feedback and should be weighed against other feedback as well (which we have a ton of on our website. Also, I’d like to point out that Amazon has recently changed their terms of service when it comes to reviews. Meaning all of the more established nootropic companies (selling before 2021) were able to pay people for reviews as much as they’d like, there were no regulations or enforcement mechanisms. So when you see 45,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating on some of our competitors, a vast majority of those are false reviews, whereas all of ours are legitimate. Really, I think time will show that our customers are loving Elevate and that is shown mostly in our customer retention rates which are much higher than industry average.
    3. It’s expensive – I addressed this a little bit in my points above, but we pride ourselves on having the highest quality ingredients, in the efficacious amounts. And when you compare our pricing to that of, say Alpha Brain, we are clearly the superior. They have a deceiving pricing model in which they sell a 15-day supply in each jar and charge $34.95. If you buy a 30-day supply (which is what we offer), then their price is actually substantially higher.

    As I said before, I do think your article reasonable and far based on the information you had available, but given this response, I ask you to update your article to include the objections I present. Again, I’d be more than happy to give you our full ingredient list and discuss what makes our product the best nootropic on the market at this price point. Thank you so much for the time!

    Casey Husband

    1. Hi Casey,

      Thanks for taking the time to write to us and explain your points in detail.

      I appreciate your comment and will be sharing it here with our readers so they can make their own decision about Avantera Elevate.

      Here is my response to your points:

      1.“Our proprietary blends are a way to protect us from people copying our formula”. We hear this from every manufacturer who uses proprietary blends. Supplement companies only ever use proprietary blends when they are trying to hide a low-quality formula. There’s no other reason to include one; formula theft does not happen today. Avantera Elevate doesn’t use any special ingredients that aren’t found in other nootropic supplements. Lion’s Mane, Theanine, Turmeric, and Bacopa are all good ingredients – and we know what their optimal doses are. For example, the minimum optimal dosage of Lion’s Mane is shown to be between 500-1,000mg per day. (1, 2). And yet, your entire proprietary blend with Lion’s Mane and other ingredients weighs only 355mg. What is the actual reason Avantera is not showing dosage information, Casey? All of the best nootropics on our “top list” have transparent ingredient labels. These manufacturers are proud to show they use clinically effective doses. They are not trying to “protect themselves from people trying to copy their formulas,” because they are aware no one does this. Proprietary blends are a red flag and we will never recommend them to our readers.

      2. “We strive to share authentic and independent product reviews.” You could see how this is a problem as reviews are coming from your own website, where you set the rules. The testimonials of Avantera Elevate on Amazon show a score of 3.9, while your website has a score of 4.7/5 out of over a thousand reviews. This is obviously a near-perfect rating. Is this realistic, or are the reviews moderated? It’s a fair question!

      3. Avantera Elevate costs $64.95 for a one-time purchase, with the option to get it for $49.95 if one subscribes to a recurring delivery of the product and automatized credit card charges. Most customers will want to try a product like Avantera Elevate first before committing, so it’s likely they’ll go for the one-time purchase option. At this price range though, Avantera Elevate doesn’t quite keep up with its competitors.

      While it has some positive things going for it, Avantera Elevate lacks the quality and transparency for us to recommend it over the current market leaders, especially for the price that’s being charged.

      Thanks again for your time and I hope our response clarifies any questions about the review.


    2. I’ve been taking elevate for three weeks. My second shipment is on the way. While I haven’t noticed a big change yet, I believe in giving it the full amount of time to see results. However, I do have one concern, an hour or so after I take elevate my stomach starts having radiating sharp pains in my middle abdomen that lasts half an hour or so and goes away. It’s only on days I take Elevate. My question is, should I discontinue use, or is this a side affect that will dissipate? I truly want to give this product a fair chance.

      1. Hi Priscilla! I just read this review and wanted to ask if you ever got any answer to this? I, too, have been taking Avantera Elevate for about 2 months. I notice stomach cramping and diahhrea on days I take it. At first I wasn’t sure what was causing it, but after testing it out, I know it’s this. I wasn’t sure if this was something to ride out if my body was just getting used to something new or if it’s a reason to discontinue use. I do think I’m going to finish what I have left and try something else. Just curious if any other thoughts were ever given regarding your concern/question. Have a good day!

        1. Hi Kristin and Priscilla – and my review makes three! I have had the exact same reaction: mid-abdomen pain, stomach cramping and diahhrea -all within an hour of taking. I have taken these supplements just twice. This morning on an empty stomach – am still uncomfortable 3 hours into it. Am not at all inclined to try again.
          I found this site while researching the ingredients to see what triggered it. I appreciated reading both their CEO’s and Nashua’s exchange.
          At $64 – yes, did the single order – may see if there’s a return policy.
          Will check back to see if Avantera addresses our concerns…..
          Thank you!

        2. I have also experience this side effect. It helps me focus but the diarrhea and stomach pain is too much! I contacted them and they said to try it with food. Have you tried it with food?

  2. Just found your website and I love this review with feedback from the manufacturer. I hope that both sides are truly being honest and fair…and as you said, let the readers make their own decision. It is all a marketing ploy but it does deter me to try new products when they make you join or pay extra just to try the product. I’ve been burned too many times with false advertising. If it is really that good, then people will quickly return ready to setup auto-shipping options.

  3. I’ve been taking Elevate for 2 months and I can’t take it anymore. The stomach cramps, bloating, and pains are not worth it! It did however give me a little boost of energy, but it’s not at all worth the stomach issues that come along with it.

    1. I’m heartbroken that I cannot take the cramping either because it has been the only thing that has worked for me without jitters that leave my essential tremors alone. I wish there was a real answer to this other than being ignored about needing to address this as something that is really distressing. If someone out there has any ideas I’m all ears.

  4. I tried this and I could tell a huge difference in my ability to focus and remember that was for the better. I also got hand tremors, stomach pain, bloating and weight gain. I have an autoimmune disease and suffer from brain fog every day of my life so I was pleasantly surprised that this really does help with that. Unfortunately for me the bad outweighs the good with this particular product so the search continues for a better product.

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