Avantera Elevate Review – Should You Buy It? (2021)

Avantera Elevate Review

In this review, we bring you Avantera Elevate – a supplement that claims to enhance your memory and focus, reduce inflammation and improve gut health. Given all these benefits are attributed to a single product, Avantera Elevate sounds very promising.

To find out how true this is and if Elevate is as effective as it claims to be, we decided to make this review. So read along and find out what are its main ingredients, how effective they are, and if it’s a good purchase for that kind of money.

For starters, let’s begin with a short summary to get the feel of what you can expect from Avantera Elevate.

Avantera Elevate Summarized


  • Contains some good ingredients
  • Good dose of Bacopa monnieri


  • Expensive
  • Most doses are hidden in the propriety blends
  • Not so positive user reviews


Avantera Elevate is a nootropic supplement with a long list of ingredients. Most of them are thoroughly researched and shown to be effective. That leaves a great first impression.

Unfortunately, this impression changes soon. On the label, most of Elevate’s individual doses are hidden in proprietary blends. This means you cannot be sure how much of an ingredient there is and how effective it is. It is something that should raise suspicion when you’re purchasing a new supplement.

Another issue is that Elevate has not so positive user reviews and that a lot of people label it is as ineffective. It’s also fairly expensive, which doesn’t make it the best value – especially considering that the supplement doesn’t deliver on its promises.

All of this makes us think that Avantera Elevate doesn’t justify its high price and that you can find more effective nootropics on the market, for less money.

What do we use?

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About Avantera Elevate

Claimed Benefits: Improves memory and focus, Boosts energy, Supports gut health, Reduces stress
Ingredients:  Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s mane, BioPerine, L-Theanine, Turmeric, CDP Choline, Caffeine
Manufacturer: Avantera
Available at: avanterahealth.com, Amazon
Price: $49.95-$64.95

What is Avantera Elevate?

Avantera Elevate is a supplement in the form of capsules that contains a mix of various herbs, mushrooms, and bioactive compounds. 

Manufacturers claim that its formula is carefully designed with the help of doctors & nutritionists to help you improve gut health, energy, focus, and memory. So if you are looking for a way to think better, feel more energized, and be stress-free, Elevate might be a supplement you are looking for. 

Did Avantera succeed in putting together a supplement that can give you all the proclaimed benefits? We are here to help you find out. To make a verdict, we need to take a closer look at the most important part of any supplement – the ingredient list. 

So let’s get started and evaluate what are its active compounds, doses, and what the studies done so far say about their efficiency.

Ingredients – What’s Inside Avantera Elevate?

When we look at the ingredients list, two things catch our eye.

First, Elevate indeed contains a rich formula with many different ingredients. These include Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s mane, BioPerine, L-Theanine, Turmeric, CDP Choline, Caffeine. All of them are thoroughly researched and well-known to be effective. So, props to Avantera.

However, the second thing we notice is that most of the ingredients are mixed into proprietary blends. This means that the individual doses of ingredients are unknown, and only the overall amount of the blend is established. This means we cannot know how effective individual ingredients are, and even if they are effective. We can only guess. 

This is standard trick manufacturers use to bulk up their ingredients list and make it seem better. By putting only a small dose and hiding it behind a propriety blend, it allows them to save money.

The only dose clearly established on the label is the one of the Bacopa monnieri (and Bacosides extracted from it).

Note that Avantera Elevate contains 45mg of caffeine. But in order to find that information you have to look under Safety information on Avantera’s site. You won’t find it on the label.

Since no other individual doses are established, all we can do is to look into Bacopa and caffeine to determine how effective they are. 

  • Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa is a herb with nootropic properties used to enhance memory. Other than being a cognitive enhancer, it is used as a stress reliever and as a way to improve vitality. 

The standard dose of Bacopa monnieri is 300mg. However, what determines how effective it is the Bacoside content in it. Bacoside is the active compound of the Bacopa monnieri and it is responsible for its benefits.

To be considered effective, it should make at least 50% of the total Bacopa weight. Avantera Elevate contains a great dose of both – a total dose of 300mg Bacopa, and 150mg of Bacoside. Which is very good.

  • Caffeine

Not much has to be said about caffeine. It is probably the world’s most consumed stimulant. It is naturally found in coffee beans and some teas. It acts as a mental stimulant, improves physical performance and endurance. What is the effective dose depends a lot on the individual.  

Avantera Elevate contains only 45mg of caffeine, which is not much. However, it comes in addition to other nootropics. So that mix should guarantee to boost you up.

Our Commentary on Avantera Elevate’s Ingredients

The ingredients formula looks great – it contains some of the best ingredients for brain performance. However, the most important is left out – their dosages. And since they determine how effective the supplement’s ingredients are, we cannot entirely determine how beneficial Avantera Elevate might be for you. The formula does look promising and it is packed with many great ingredients.

However, more doesn’t always mean better. The problem with supplements being packed with many different ingredients is that manufacturers have to compensate for it somehow. And most usually it is by putting smaller doses of active ingredients in it. That’s why manufacturers often try to hide behind propriety blends.

Do we think Avantera Elevate is a bad supplement? Not necessarily. But we would rather see it have fewer ingredients, but with more efficient doses. By bulking up the ingredient list, they had to sacrifice the doses and thus its efficiency. Which is not desirable.

User Reviews

The fact that Avantera Elevate has not-so-great user reviews speaks for itself. On Amazon, it got an average rating of 3.9/5., which is not so great. It doesn’t go in its favor either that almost 20% of users rated it with 1-star. Because they felt no noticeable difference. A lot of people think it is ineffective and a waste of money

However, a lot of people think Elevate is great. Almost 60% of users gave it 5-stars. They claim Avantera Elevate helped them feel more energized and focused throughout the day.

Pricing & Other Things to Consider

On the official site, depending on whether you purchase a 1-pack or a 3-pack, Avantera Elevate is sold from $49.95 to $64.95. Considering one package equals a one-month supply, this is quite a lot of money. Elevate is probably one of the more expensive supplements we have reviewed lately. Do we think it is a good purchase for that price?

We don’t think it is. For that price, we expected a lot more from Avantera Elevate. This also confirms mixed user reviews. A lot of people expected more from it and Avantera Elevate didn’t fulfill their expectations either.

In our opinion, there are far better supplements on the market. Especially in that price range.

Dosage Instructions

Every morning, take 2 capsules Of Elevate with a glass of water. For the best results, take it on an empty stomach.

One jar of Avanteraa Elevate is enough for 30 servings.

Side Effects

For most individuals, Avantera Elevate should be safe and shouldn’t cause any problems. However, due to Bacopa monnieri and caffeine, some people might experience some minor side effects.

Taking Bacopa monnieri on an empty stomach can cause digestive problems such as nausea, cramping, and diarrhea.

As far as caffeine goes, the dosage is small and shouldn’t cause any problems. That said, individuals sensitive to caffeine might experience negative side effects such as stomach irritation or restlessness.

Conclusion to Avantera Elevate’s REVIEW

Although at first glance it looks promising, Avantera Elevate fails to deliver its expectations. Most of the ingredients are hidden in the propriety blends, which means you cannot be entirely sure how effective Elevate is. This further confirms mixed user reviews with a high percentage of unhappy customers.

Not to mention, Avantera Elevate is expensive. With a little research it’s possible to find better options on the market at this price range.

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