UMZU Cortigon Review

This is our UMZU Cortigon review. Here, we’ll see if this brain supplement’s claims hold up by inspecting its ingredients, benefits, customer reviews, dosage instructions, and more. Read on!

Cortigon Summarized


  • Contains Ginkgo Biloba which is beneficial for brain circulation in older people
  • A strong dose of Phosphatidylserine (PS) for long-term brain support
  • Some basic B vitamins to support general health
  • Safe for daily use


  • Only 2 of its ingredients are proven for brain function – Phosphatidylserine and Ginkgo
  • Lacks many core nootropics common to the best brain supplements
  • Needs to be taken daily for several weeks to notice the benefits
  • Contains 100mg of the pointless filler ingredient Leucine – it only adds dead weight

Cortigon is a mixed bag. It’s a natural brain supplement with only a few ingredients. The advantage of such a light formula is that it’s extremely safe. You’re unlikely to experience any side effects. However, Cortigon is missing key ingredients that would make it more effective at delivering the benefits UMZU claims – improved focus, memory processing, mental energy, and clarity. Cortigon contains 100mg of leucine which has no nootropic effects and only serves as a filler ingredient here. While Ginkgo and Phosphatidylserine can help support our long-term brain health, they need to be taken daily for several weeks to experience the benefits. For the price of $39.95, there are better nootropics than UMZU Cortigon on the market today.

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About Cortigon

Benefits: Stress relief, focus enhancement, cognitive support
Ingredients: B Vitamins, Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Leucine
Manufacturer: UMZU
Available at: Manufacturer’s Website, Amazon
Price: $39.95 (a bottle with 30 servings)

Here we have a closer look at Cortigon – a natural nootropic made by UMZU; an American supplement company based in Colorado. Cortigon is just one of UMZU’s many supplements, and supposedly their only comprehensive nootropic.

According to UMZU, Cortigon will help you with:

  • Focus
  • Stress reduction
  • Memory function
  • Brain fog

These are the benefits you’d expect to see from pretty much every brain pill on the market. The question is, does Cortigon live up to the claims?

We investigate below.

Dosage Instructions

How to use Cortigon? The dosage is 1 capsule in the morning, with or without food.

If you find you get an upset stomach from UMZU Cortigon, try taking it with a meal.

Ingredients – What’s Inside UMZU Cortigon?

Here are the ingredients in UMZU Cortigon:

  • Vitamin B1 (100mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (15mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (1000mcg)
  • Phosphatidylserine (300mg)
  • L-Leucine (100mg)
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (100mg)

Here’s how it looks on Cortigon’s label:

Umzu Cortigon Ingredients

Below we’ll take a closer look at each of these ingredients. At first glance, it’s good to see there are no proprietary blends in the formula. This means we can see each ingredient and its dose clearly.

The ingredients themselves are decent – Cortigon uses basic B vitamins for mental focus and energy, along with herbs and other nutrients that work to support your general cognitive function.

But it also uses some ingredients with no proven nootropic effects.

Here’s a closer look.

B Vitamins

Your body needs B vitamins daily – it can’t make them on its own. Supplementing B vitamins can improve our energy metabolism. Additionally, certain B vitamins can have their own unique effects in the body – B12, for example, is essential for the creation and maintenance of your nerve cells. However, the benefits of B vitamins supplementation are typically not noticeable unless you’re severely deficient.


Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an excellent choice. It’s a key ingredient in many best-reviewed natural nootropics, often taken by older people to ward off cognitive decline. A fatty molecule found in high amounts in your brain cell membranes, PS levels decline as we age. And so does our memory and focus with it. Supplementing PS has been shown to improve mental performance across the board. The 300mg in Cortigon is an excess dose; anything above 200mg is too much as it doesn’t give you extra benefits.



L-Leucine is one of the most abundant dietary amino acids. If you consume any protein, you’re already getting a large amount of leucine. This makes us wonder why UMZU has wasted capsule space to add this to Cortigon. Leucine doesn’t provide any nootropic effects, nor does it reduce stress or anxiety. Even if it did, the dose of 100mg is too low to have any effect, since you get several times that amount in a chicken or an egg. This leads us to conclude that L-Leucine is merely a filler ingredient in Cortigon.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Unlike leucine, this one actually works for brain health! Ginkgo has long been used to boost cerebral blood flow, leading to better oxygenation and nutrient delivery to your brain cells. It’s no surprise that studies show Ginkgo Biloba effectively boosts attention span and memory in older folks with cognitive decline. Cortigon has 100mg of Ginkgo Biloba, which is within safe and effective limits used in clinical trials.

Our Commentary on Cortigon’s Ingredients

We can’t say we’re blown away by Cortigon’s ingredient profile. As a whole, UMZU Cortigon looks like an underwhelming nootropic that is unlikely to deliver on its claims.

Cortigon contains only 4 ingredients. Phosphatidylserine and Ginkgo are proven to help with focus, memory, and learning. They may even assist in offsetting some of the memory loss associated with aging, but we still need more human research there!

But these two ingredients can’t do all the work alone. A truly powerful, comprehensive brain supplement will have a lot more going on than that. You may experience mild improvements in your cognitive function after many weeks of supplementing Cortigon. But you won’t get the significant boost in focus, learning retention, and other benefits you experience with other nootropic supplements.

A third of Cortigon’s formula is made up of Leucine. This is one of the most common amino acids in our diet. You get multiple grams of L-Leucine from food you eat daily anyway. It has no nootropic benefits. The 100mg of Cortigon is a waste of capsule space. It’s your classic filler ingredient to reduce production costs. At the cost of losing out on the potential benefits.

The bottom line then, is that the ingredinets in UMZU Cortigon are far from the best on the market. If you’re looking for increased energy, motivation, and mental clarity, Cortigon won’t cut it. There are far better nootropic stacks on sale today; ones that really work and use more comprehensive ingredient formulas!

User Reviews

Most of the Cortigon reviews & testimonials online come from Amazon. Here’s what some of the users said about the product:

“It’s a good product. But if I take 4 pills at the same time I get in a really bad mood for some reason. When I take 3 pills I do feel some alertness. I was just hoping for more.” – Jeziel C (Amazon Customer)

” I felt an energy increase right away and more focus, stress level went down significantly but at night was really awake like a had 5 cups of coffee.” – Pedro Rojo (Amazon Customer)

“Noticed no difference.” – Anonymous Amazon Customer

Side Effects – Is Cortigon Safe?

While UMZU Cortigon isn’t the most effective brain supplement in the world – to put it nicely – it’s unlikely to cause you any side effects.

All the active ingredients in Cortigon have been tested in independent studies. They’re all safe for human use in healthy individuals.

However, people with certain conditions will need to avoid Ginkgo before speaking with their doctor.

In general, if you do have any questions or are seeking advice, remember that are posts are informational in nature only! Seek answers from your doctor as we do not offer any medical advice here at Nashua Valley.

Pricing & Other Things to Consider

A 30-day supply of Cortigon (1 bottle) will cost you $39.95. This is entering into a price range where you can find far more effective and higher-quality nootropic supplements.

Conclusion to Cortigon Review

We don’t think Cortigon is the best value for money out there. Whether you’re looking to boost your focus and information processing or support long-term memory function and cognitive health, UMZU Cortigon isn’t the best option on the market right now.

UMZU claims a lot of benefits for Cortigon – improved memory, clarity, focus, and mental energy – seems a bit misleading to us.

This supposedly multi-spectrum brain supplement contains just 2 active ingredients that work. Together, these ingredients help to support your long-term memory and cognition. But you won’t experience noticeable improvements in focus, mental energy, learning from Ginkgo and Phosphatidylserine alone, at least not before several weeks of daily Cortigon use.

As a result, we’d recommend doing more research to find better nootropics – there definitely are plenty of them out there.

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