Dynamic Brain vs Mind Lab Pro: What's Better?

Here’s our comparison of Dynamic Brain and Mind Lab Pro. Both are highly popular brain supplements – also known as “nootropics” – consisting of natural herbs and nutrients designed to improve your cognitive functions.

In the following article, we’ll be inspecting Dynamic Brain and Mind Lab Pro to see which one has a higher-quality formula, and ultimately, which one is more effective for your goals.

DYNAMIC BRAIN VS MIND LAB PRO SUMMARY: Ultimately, Mind Lab Pro is the winner of this comparison. While Dynamic Brain has far more active ingredients than Mind Lab Pro (39 vs 11), many of these ingredients are basic vitamins you’d find in everyday food. The ingredients in Dynamic Brain that do make a difference are hidden in a proprietary blend – you can’t see their dosages. Without knowing the doses, it’s impossible to tell if Dynamic Brain is at all effective or not. By contrast, Mind Lab Pro contains a 100% transparent formula with 11 of the best nootropics currently available on the natural market – making it safe and effective at improving cognitive functions.

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Dynamic Brain vs Mind Lab Pro: About the Products

About Dynamic Brain

Dynamic Brain is a dietary supplement from Stonehedge Health, a U.S. based company. Stonehedge Health says Dynamic Brain will support your:

  • All-around brain health
  • Memory & focus
  • Mental clarity

Dynamic Brain is an all-natural supplement. It is free of harmful synthetics, GMO ingredients, gluten, or banned substances.

The recommended dosage for Dynamic Brain is 2 capsules, once per day, 20-30 minutes before your meal.

The claims about this supplement certainly look impressive. It promises to give you all the standard benefits you’d expect from a quality nootropic supplement… but does it really work? And is it better than Mind Lab Pro?

We’re about to find out.

You can also read our complete Dynamic Brain review for a more detailed insight into this product.

About Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a “universal nootropic” developed to boost several cognitive functions and enhance whole-life mental function.

Mind Lab Pro is made for people of all backgrounds, from students, to CEOs, athletes, over 60’s and even professional gamers.

Formulated by Opti-Nutra, Mind Lab Pro boasts some of the best ratings out of any brain supplement. Its respected customers include Chess Grandmaster Nigel Short and pro poker player David Williams.

Mind Lab Pro is vegan-friendly and free of caffeine, gluten, soy, additives, GMO, preservatives, and pointless fillers.

Every Mind Lab Pro bottle provides you with 60 capsules. With a serving size of 2 Nutricaps (prebiotic-infused plant capsules for easy digestion) daily, it will last you a full month. You can take up to 4 caps per day for additional brain support, if needed.

What makes Mind Lab Pro stand out is that it’s light, safe, and healthy for daily use while at the same time being praised by its high-profile users for its amazing effectiveness.

Official website: mindlabpro.com

But whether Mind Lab Pro really delivers on its claims, and how it compares to Dynamic Brain, we’ll find out in the section that follows.

Dynamic Brain vs Mind Lab Pro: Ingredients

Dynamic Brain and Mind Lab Pro have significantly different ingredient profiles.

Whereas Mind Lab Pro contains a highly focused, unique combination of 11 researched nootropics, Dynamic Brain boasts over 35 ingredients in its formula.

But does more mean better? In this case, it does not!

See for yourself.

Dynamic Brain’s Formula

While Dynamic Brain has plenty of ingredients, over half of these are the basic vitamins and minerals you’d get from your everyday foods, or a multivitamin supplement.

The other half of the ingredients in Dynamic Brain are the ones we’re interested in. These include herbal extracts, specific brain nutrients, and other compounds that have been shown to benefit brain health.

Actually, there are a number of ingredients in Dynamic Brain that we rate as excellent. These include Bacopa Monnieri, Phosphatidylserine, and Licorice Root. These have the potential to improve your brain health, focus, long-range cognitive functions and mental well-being.

However, here’s the big issue with Dynamic Brain – those key ingredients are hidden in a proprietary blend. In other words, the ingredient doses aren’t shown, but only their combined dose as the entire blend.

Here’s how it looks:

Dynamic Brain Ingredients

The best ingredients in Dynamic Brain – such as Phosphatidylserine and Bacopa – don’t have dosages shown on the label. Therefore, we’re unable to assess if they work or not.

As if a proprietary blend wasn’t enough, Dynamic Brain has also decided to include Huperzine A. This ingredient is known for its acetylcholine-enhancing properties – put simply, it enhances memory function and information processing in your brain.

However, these effects are short-lived. Huperzine A needs to be cycled every now and again to retain the benefits and avoid negative side effects – such as insomnia, nausea, and memory impairment (ironically).

I hope you can see where we’re going with this…

Essentially, if you’re taking a break from Dynamic Brain due to Huperzine A, it makes other ingredients in the formula less effective – ruining any benefits of the supplement altogether.

It’s due to these downsides that we don’t think Dynamic Brain is the most effective, or safest option on the market right now.

Mind Lab Pro’s Formula

Mind Lab Pro contains an array of compounds that improve brain energy, help enhance the user’s mood, increase focus and boost memory function.

Unlike Dynamic Brain, the formula is completely transparent, with no proprietary blends. You can clearly see everything on the label:

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

There’s an excellent 100mg of Phosphatidylserine in Mind Lab Pro. This is a nutrient that helps keep your mind sharp, while also improving glucose metabolism to boost your mental energy.

Bacopa Monnieri in Mind Lab Pro increases the brain’s antioxidant activity to help offset the mind-aging process, and Lion’s Mane Mushroom stimulates the production of more Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) to further promote brain plasticity and learning.

L-Theanine is added to ease you into an alpha brainwave state, which is linked to enhanced creativity, deep focus, and relaxed attention.

Rhodiola and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine work as a tag-team against stress – helping your mind to perform better under pressure.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is a proven source of anthocyanidins that increase cerebral circulation to deliver more vital nutrients to your brain and support mental energy. Meanwhile, the 3 B-complex vitamins synergize to improve the metabolism of the nutrients more efficiently.

All of the big ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are patented, and standardized to contain clinically effective amounts of their active compounds. While obviously expensive to manufacture, the usage of patented forms of ingredients shows us Mind Lab Pro’s manufacturers have put formula quality above everything else – this is a big thumbs up from us.

Our Opinion on The Ingredients in Dynamic Brain and Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro may contain significantly fewer ingredients than Dynamic Brain, but every ingredient it uses has its important role in the formula – the manufacturers have left nothing to chance. In addition, Mind Lab Pro also shows you all ingredient doses clearly on the label, which can’t be said for Dynamic Brain.

Although it contains a bunch of ingredients, Dynamic Brain hides doses of the key ones, which means you can’t see how effective or safe it will be.

So, with all things considered, Mind Lab Pro is definitely among the current highest quality brain health supplements we’ve reviewed, which can’t be said for Dynamic Brain.

Dynamic Brain vs Mind Lab Pro: Side Effects

Both supplements are generally safe and positively reviewed amongst users, and aren’t known to cause negative side effects.

That said, Dynamic Brain has a higher risk of side effects than Mind Lab Pro for two reasons:

  1. Due to the sheer number of ingredients and potential intereactions with each other – it has over 39 ingredients, compared to Mind Lab Pro’s 11
  2. Due to the lack of dosage information – some ingredients could be over-served

If you’re in need of advice, it’s best to check with your doctor. Remember that our posts are for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Dynamic Brain vs Mind Lab Pro: Customer Reviews

Dynamic Brain and Mind Lab Pro are both well-received in the nootropic community. Dynamic Brain has many positive reviews on Amazon.

The same goes for Mind Lab Pro. Although it only sells directly from the manufacturer’s website, you’ll find hundreds of positive testimonials online, including from world-class people and professionals like Nigel Short (Chess Grandmaster).

Pricing & Availability

Dynamic Brain costs between $49.95-$53.99 per bottle, depending on where you buy it.

Mind Lab Pro belongs to a premium price bracket at $69 per bottle, but it comes with excellent deals when you buy in bulk. For example, buying 3 bottles of Mind Lab Pro gets you 1 additional bottle free of charge, plus fast & free international shipping.

Essentially, if you buy 3 boxes of Mind Lab Pro, you’re saving 25%, which brings the price down to $51.75 per bottle – or $1.73 per serving. This puts it in the same price range as Dynamic Brain.

However, we believe Mind Lab Pro is the better value for money due to the expensive ingredient quality and clinically effective dosages.

Final Verdict

Despite having some great essential ingredients, Dynamic Brain can’t quite keep up with Mind Lab Pro, at least not in terms of the benefits, ingredient quality, and company reputation.

Although it’s slightly cheaper, Dynamic Brain is lacking core ingredients that Mind Lab Pro has that are effective for cognition, memory, focus, and long-range brain function. Dynamic Brain also contains a proprietary blend and uses Huperzine A, which means you will need to take breaks from using it to avoid side effects.

On the other hand, Mind Lab Pro contains 11 of the best nootropics currently available anywhere, all research-backed and delivered in prebiotic-infused plant capsules for easy absorption. Above all, Mind Lab Pro is healthy and safe for everyday use – no need to cycle it like Dynamic Brain.

To recap, here are the pros and cons of Mind Lab Pro:


  • The ingredients aren’t just randomly stuffed together and work synergistically with each other
  • Research-backed, optimized dosages
  • Suitable for people of all walks of life
  • Respected user base
  • Free of synthetic junk and pointless ingredients
  • High brand authority
  • Excellent deals and offers


  • Only available directly from mindlabpro.com
  • Lighter ingredient doses means it’s safer, but it’s not as potent as the very best nootropics

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