Dynamic Brain vs Provasil

It’s time for another brain supplement face-off. This time, we bring you a direct comparison between Dynamic Brain by Stonehenge Health and Provasil by Cognetix Lab.

Which is better, you will find out bellow. If you are in a hurry, you can check the quick summary here.

Dynamic Brain vs Provasil SUMMARY:

Although it contains a formula of impressive 40 ingredients and has a good reputation, Dynamic Brain lost this duel. Provasil’s transparent formula and better dosages ensured its win.

However, although it won, we are not entirely impressed with Provasil. It is far from a bad nootropic, but far from perfect either. Key ingredients such as Bacopa and Phosphatidylserine are underdosed, which significantly reduces Provasil’s effects. There is room for improvement, and for now, there are better options on the market for optimizing brain health.

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Dynamic Brain vs Provasil: About the Products

If you are not already familiar with the term ‘nootropic’, these are powerful compounds that enhance cognitive functions.

Although there are some artificial nootropics on the market, on this blog, we focus on 100% natural nootropic supplements – Dynamic Brain and Provasil are no exception.

  • Both Dynamic Brain and Provasil are nootropic supplements formulated to support memory, focus, concentration, learning, and overall brain health.

They contain all-natural ingredients that can help you reduce brain fog, boost your capacity to learn, focus, remember things, and become more productive in general.

In addition to nootropic ingredients, both Dynamic Brain and Provasil contain vitamins. That way, they don’t just fuel your brain but support your immunity as well. Dynamic Brain contains minerals too, which is beneficial for the proper function of your nervous system.

Both Dynamic Brain and Provasil come in the form of capsules. Therefore, you don’t have to worry whether they taste bad or are complicated to consume. It’s enough to take each capsule with a glass of water and you are set.

Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules, which is enough for a one-month supply.

Dynamic Brain vs Provasil: Ingredients

Dynamic Brain’s formula is noticeably more packed than Provasil’s – containing a lot more vitamins and minerals. 

However, when looking for an effective brain supplement, your main concern should be the nootropic formula. Added minerals and vitamins are just a nice bonus. 

Therefore, the fact that Dynamic Brain contains more ingredients doesn’t automatically mean Provasil is worse. In fact, if it contains better nootropic ingredients, it can be even better than the packed Dynamic Brain. And this is exactly what we will inspect below.

To determine which one is better – Dynamic Brain or Provasil, we will thoroughly examine their formula and compare them side by side. Which one delivers a more effective brain formula, let’s find out below.

Dynamic Brain

Dynamic Brain Ingredients

Dynamic Brain has a strong reputation among customers. On Amazon, it is ranked #2 as the best-selling Choline supplement. Considering that there is a lot of competition on the market, this is not a negligible accomplishment.

Dynamic Brain contains a total of 50mg of Choline – a molecule naturally found in egg yolks that has cognitive boosting properties. This is a recommended starting dose, so the dose in the Dynamic Brain seems ok. Starting doses that are too high can cause headaches.

However, after the initial adjustment, the dosages should increase gradually. Recommended daily choline amount is between 250mg and 500mg. So does the Dynamic Brain seem like a good choline source?

Unfortunately no. The amount of choline in the Dynamic Brain seems too small to give noticeable long-term brain benefits. And since there are so many different ingredients in Dynamic Brain, you cannot just amp up the serving size.

What about other nootropic ingredients? Does any of the 40 ingredients in the Dynamic Brain seem effective for optimizing brain health? Well, yes and no.

Dynamic Brain has a few amazing ingredients. The ones we would highlight are Bacopa Monnieri, Phosphatidylserine, and Green tea extract (L-Theanine).

But here’s the issue: the rest of the formula is ineffective. And to make it worse, all the nootropics are hidden in the proprietary blend.

Stonehenge Health provided us only with the info of the total of brain-boosting components (617mg). This means that individual doses of each ingredient are unknown. 

This is bad not only because it doesn’t allow us to determine how effective the doses are, but presents a potential health risk too. For example, ingredient such as Huperzine A is known to cause side effects. Due to the fact that we cannot know how much Huperzine A is there, we cannot know if it is entirely safe.

In our opinion, these issues are deal-breakers. Due to the high price and good reputation, we expected a lot more from Dynamic Brain’s ingredient profile.


On the other hand, Provasil didn’t hide any of its doses. So in that regard, Provasil already seems like a better choice. However, we still need to take a look at its formula. So, how it performs compared to the Dynamic Brain?

Unlike Dynamic Brain, it doesn’t contain a lot of additional vitamins and minerals. This is not necessarily bad, because its nootropic formula is much better than the one of Dynamic Brain.

It contains a total of 11 different brain health ingredients, of which we would highlight L-Tyrosine, Bacopa, and Phospatadyleserine. It also contains additional Vitamin C, and B Complex vitamins (B12, Folic Acid, Biotin), which is a nice bonus.

Compared to the Dynamic Brain, Provasil seems like a much better Choline source. It contains 150mg of Choline Bitartrate, compared to the 50mg in the Dynamic Brain. But what about other ingredients?

Unfortunately, all of its main brain-boosting ingredients are underdosed (L-Tyrosine, Phosphalatideserine, and Bacopa Monnieri). And to be honest, it doesn’t surprise us. This is often the case with supplements that contain a lot of ingredients. 

To cut the cost of having many ingredients, manufacturers have to compensate somehow. And most likely it is by putting smaller doses in the supplement. Unfortunately, this showed to be the case Provasil too.

Our Commentary on the Ingredients

From all of the above, what are our thoughts? Which is better – Dynamic Brain or Provasil? Undoubtedly, Provasil takes the win. 

For starters, it doesn’t hide any of its doses. This is an important thing to look for when purchasing any supplement. Proprietary blends should raise suspicion because it indicates that the manufacturer tries to hide something from us. And most likely, it’s low and ineffective doses.

Also, despite the fact that Dynamic Brain is ranked as the #2 Choline supplement on Amazon, Provasil seems like a much better choice. It contains 3x the amount of choline.

Unfortunately, even though it is better than Dynamic Brain, Provasil is still far from the market-leading brain supplements. Its main compounds are underdosed and manufacturers didn’t manage to give us the best formula.

Although Provasil is not a bad nootropic, it is far from the current best-rated brain health supplements.

Dynamic Brain vs Provasil: Side Effects

Generally speaking, both supplements should be safe. However, some ingredients can cause minor side effects.

Both Dynamic Brain and Provasil contain Bacopa monnieri, which when taken on an empty stomach may cause digestive issues and nausea.

Also, Dynamic Brain contains Huperzine A. This should raise caution because long-term use of Huperzine A is known to cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, and sweating.

As always, it’s best to advise a medical professional first to determine whether any of these supplements are safe for you.

Dynamic Brain vs Provasil: Customer Reviews

On the official Stonehenge Health website, Dynamic Brain sells for $29.99-$40.99 per bottle.

The same goes for Provasil. On the official Provasil site, the price varies from $34.96 to $44.96 per bottle.

The price depends on whether you purchase a single bottle, or multiple bottles at once.

Pricing & Availability

Surprisingly, Dynamic Brain is slightly better received than Provasil. On Amazon, it got an average rate of 3.9 out of 5. On the other hand, Provasil got only 3.7 out of 5.

These are far from impressive. But better marketing seems to pay off slightly more for Dynamic Brain.

Final Verdict

From all of the above, Provasil seems like a better choice. However, compared to the leading brain health supplements, it underdelivers. Provasil is far from a bad supplement. But for that kind of money, we expected more.

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