Dynamic Brain vs Qualia Mind: Which is Better?

We bring you a comparison between the two of the more expensive nootropics we came across lately – Dynamic Brain by Stonehenge Health and Qualia Mind by Neurohacker Collective.

We compared them side by side and made a verdict on which one is better. Find out more about their ingredients, how good their formula is, and if they perform well.

Also, we compared them to the leading brain supplements on the market to see whether Dynamic Brain and Qualia Mind justify their high price.

So keep reading and find out which of the two is better, how well Dynamic Brain and Qualia Mind perform, and whether we think they are a good choice.

Dynamic Brain vs Qualia Mind SUMMARY:

Qualia Mind’s nootropic formula overshadows Dynamic Brain’s. However, with its excessively high price, Qualia Mind didn’t fulfill our expectations. For $130.00 per bottle, we expected a lot more. All of this leaves us with the impression that even for less money, there are brain supplements that offer more value.

What do we recommend?

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Dynamic Brain vs Qualia Mind: About the Products

Both Dynamic Brain and Qualia Mind are nootropic supplements that claim to optimize brain health, enhance memory, and overall cognitive functions.

Their ingredients are carefully picked and combined into a formula designed to nourish your brain and enable high-level cognitive performance. At least that’s what the manufacturers say. How good they truly are, we are here to find out.

Other than just cognitive performance, Qualia Mind also claims to support your mood. Supposedly, its formula can help you feel better and clear-headed throughout the day, without any crashes and jitters.

They both sound promising. So let’s check their ingredients to see how good they are.

Dynamic Brain vs Qualia Mind: Ingredients

When you look at Dynamic Brains and Qualia Mind’s ingredient list, one thing catches your eye immediately. They are packed.

We have to give props to Stonehenge Health and Neurohacker Collective. They did not skimp on the number of ingredients. Dynamic Brain contains around 40 different ingredients, while Qualia Mind has almost 30. That’s a lot.

However, this can be a two-edged sword. More ingredients don’t necessarily mean a more effective formula. Manufacturers often the tactic of bulking up the number of ingredients to make the supplement look more effective. When in reality, their doses are either too small or contain low-quality ingredients.

Is this the case with Dynamic Brain and Qualia Mind too? Let’s take a look.

Dynamic Brain

Dynamic Brain Ingredients

At first, we were pretty overwhelmed with the Dynamic Brain’s formula. There were so many different ingredients on the list, that it took us a moment or two to process all the information.

However, the excitement soon got squashed. The formula is far from impressive. Even disappointing we would say. 

Dynamic Brain markets itself as a brain supplement. When in fact all its nootropic ingredients are hidden in proprietary blends. The only established individual doses are the ones of the vitamins and minerals. In our opinion, this doesn’t make much sense.

Although having vitamins and minerals is a nice addition, it shouldn’t be the main focus of the brain supplement. The nootropic formula should be. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense why Stonehenge Health decided to hide all their nootropic doses behind a proprietary blend.

This gives us the impression that they put too low nootropic doses in the Dynamic Brain and try to mask it. Also, by putting a lot of vitamins and minerals on the list, we think they try to compensate for the lack of effective nootropic formula. 

Although Dynamic Brain contains some good ingredients, since their doses are hidden in a proprietary blend, we are unable to evaluate how effective the brain formula is. 

Therefore, we are disappointed with Dynamic brain. Considering the price and reputation, we expected a lot more.

Qualia Mind

On the other hand, Qualia Mind doesn’t hide any of its ingredients. All the doses are nicely established on the label, so props to Neurohacker Collective.

Unlike Dynamic Brain, Qualia Mind didn’t bulk up its ingredient list with minerals and vitamins. It contains them, but the main focus is still on the nootropics. It’s clear that Neurohacker Collective put more effort into designing effective nootropics than the manufacturers of Dynamic Brain did.

Qualia contains over 20 different ingredients for brain health and mood. The ones we would highlight are L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, Cognizin Citicoline, and Bacopa.

The one we are not too thrilled to see here is Huperzine A. Although it seems to be effective for cognitive enhancement, it’s easy to build a tolerance. Therefore, it requires cycling and a break from taking. 

However, because most natural nootropics require regular use, this can slacken their effect. So we are not too excited when we see Huperzine A on the ingredient list.

However, the dose of Huperzine A in Qualia Mind is minimal. The standard daily dose is 50-200mcg, while in Qualia there is only 5mcg. This dose is probably too small to interfere with the rest of the ingredients, but also too small for any noticeable results. Considering that, we are not entirely sure why Neurohacker Collective decided to put this ingredient in.

Our Commentary On The Ingredients

From all of the seen, Qualia Mind is a much better brain supplement than Dynamic Brain. It contains some great nootropic ingredients and doesn’t hide any of their doses. All of this makes it superior compared to the Dynamic Brain.

However, the complexity of its formula is its own advantage and disadvantage. Because of its large ingredient list, not all ingredients are equally effective, nor at high enough doses. Sometimes less is more, and we would rather see fewer ingredients, but in better doses.

Also, the fact that it contains so many different ingredients is the reason why Qualia Mind is so expensive. This is rarely welcomed by customers, especially if the high price isn’t completely justified.

Is Qualia Mind a bad supplement? Far from it. However, considering its price, we expected a lot more. In our opinion, for that kind of money, there are better choices on the market.

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Dynamic Brain vs Qualia Mind: Side Effects

Generally speaking, both supplements should be safe.

However, both Qualia Mind and Dynamic contain Huperzine A, known to cause some side effects. These include stomach upset, headaches, nausea, and sweating.

In Qualia Mind, the dose is probably too small to cause you any issues. But the dose in Dynamic Brain is hidden, which should raise more caution.

As always, it’s advised to speak to your healthcare professional before purchasing any supplement.

Dynamic Brain vs Qualia Mind: Customer Reviews

On Amazon, both Dynamic Brain and Qualia Mind got 4 out of 5, which is decent.

Dynamic Brain has a larger following and a lot more people rated it. This makes the reviews more trustworthy. However, the reason for that is probably the more affordable price, not the more quality formula.

Also, we checked on Reddit to see what people think about Dynamic Brain and Qualia Mind. As with any supplements, some people claim these supplements changed their life, while others say they are ineffective. The truth is probably in the middle.

Pricing & Availability

Dynamic Brain is pretty expensive. In some online stores, you can find it for $53.99. However, on the official Stonehenge Health site, you can get it cheaper.

There is a subscription option for purchasing Dynamic Brain. So depending on the deal you choose, you can get a Dynamic Brain bottle from $29.99 to $40.99.

On the other hand, Qualia Mind makes Dynamic Brain look like a cheap supplement. It sells for $139.00 per single bottle!

There is also a subscription option on the official Neurohacker Collective site. With it, you can purchase the first bottle for half of the price ($69.50), while every other bottle will cost you $119.00. In our opinion, even that is too much money.

Final Verdict

Considering their price, we have to admit. Our expectations were pretty high. Did they get fulfilled? Unfortunately no.

Because of the hidden doses, we wouldn’t recommend Dynamic Brain. On the other hand, Qualia Mind seems decent. However, the over-the-top price completely ruins the impression.

Although Qualia Mind takes the win over the Dynamic Brain, for that kind of money, we think there are far better options on the market.

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