Genius Consciousness Review - Does it Really Work?

This is our review of the Genius Consciousness nootropic supplement, now updated. Genius Consciousness is a nootropic powder that assists with focus and strengthens memory. Genius Consciousness is claimed to be a composite of the most effective all-natural brain-enhancing ingredients that will aid in high-performance thinking with a flavourful palette. But does it really work? Our team finds out!


  • Provides a substantial serving of Alpha-GPC
  • Contains a plentiful serving of Lion’s Mane
  • Good assortment of ingredients
  • Excellent, natural flavor


  • NeuroFactor is ineffective
  • The caffeine amount is too large
  • Huperzine A needs to be cycled
  • Continuous cycling causes other ingredients to be less beneficial 
  • Multiple stimulants may increase the likelihood of side effects

Summary:  Genius Consciousness is a nootropic supplement that provides a substantial serving of Alpha-GPC, contains plenty of Lion’s Mane, and has a good assortment of ingredients. Though there are pros to the supplement, there are also cons. NeuroFactor is ineffective, the caffeine dose is too large, Huperzine A needs time to be cycled, continuous cycling can cause ineffectiveness, and multiple stimulants can increase the odds of side effects. Despite it being a great short-term option for a quick “cognitive boost,” Genius Consciousness is not one of the best brain supplements we’ve seen.


Claimed Benefits: Improves recollection, learning, concentration, mood, awareness, and clarity.
Ingredients: Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Lion’s Mane powder, AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC, L-Tyrosine, Methylliberine, Caffeine, SerinAid® (50% Phosphatidylserine), NeuroFactor™, AstraGin™ Panax Ginseng extract, Huperzia serrata (1% Huperzine A)
Manufacturer: The Genius Brand
Available at: ,,,, 
Price: $37.99

An advantage of Genius Consciousness is that it offers large doses of proven, effective nootropics per serving. Another benefit of Genius Consciousness is the use of high-quality ingredients. However, Genius Consciousness is far from perfect. The use of Huperzine A and caffeine make Genius Consciousness unsuited for everyday use. There are also notable concerns regarding Genius Consciousness side effects. We will delve deeper into the composite and makeup of the nootropic supplement; by examining each ingredient and understanding its impact on the body. 

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Dosage Instructions

Evaluate your tolerance by combining 1/2 scoop into 6-10 ounces of water (vary the amount by your taste preference) and consume 15-30 minutes before working. If you feel comfortable and want to maximize cognitive performance and energy, take one serving by combing a full scoop into 8-12 ounces of water. 


Genius Consciousness Ingredients List

As you’ll notice, there are no proprietary blends in Genius Consciousness, which is excellent. We can see the ingredients and their respective doses on the label. Often with supplements, this isn’t the case. Many nootropics mask ingredient doses behind a proprietary blend, which only shows you their combined dosage.

We’re going to break down each ingredient in Genius Consciousness’ formula to see whether the science supports the manufacturer’s claims, and if you can expect any benefits from it.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 1g

Acetyl-L-Carnitine also stands for ALCAR. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a supplement used by athletes to boost energy levels without having to rely on stimulants. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an ingredient that stimulates mitochondrial oxidation of long-chain fatty acids, releasing energy from food. Though this would increase mental energy, ALCAR has no notable effects. Effective nootropics will tend to avoid ALCAR as it doesn’t have discernable effects. Genius Consciousness provides a large serving of Acetyl-L-Carnitine (1g) in their formula. 

Lion’s Mane powder – 1g

Lion’s Man powder is one of the best natural nootropics in the market. Consuming Lion’s Mane powder has been shown to increase the transmission of the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain. NGF controls the proliferation and maintenance of neurons. More NGF means a greater neuron concentration, healthier neurons, and by extension, elevated cognitive function. Studies have shown that the most effective dose range for Lion’s Mane powder is 500-1000mg per day. Genius Consciousness provides a sufficient amount in their supplement for you to see considerable improvements in cognitive performance. 

AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC – 600mg

AlphaSize is an overly accessible branded form of Alpha-GPC, which is a tremendously beneficial cholinergic. In other words, Alpha-GPC increases the supply of choline in the brain, leading to more acetylcholine, which is the brain’s most essential neurotransmitter accountable for speech, working memory, learning, resolution-making, concentration, and muscle contraction. Studies have shown that taking 300mg of Alpha-GPC is beneficial for enhancing focus, learning and working memory in as little as 90 minutes. The 600mg in Genius Consciousness supplement formula is more than enough!

L-Tyrosine – 500mg

Tyrosine is an intrinsic building block of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Although many people believe dopamine to be a reward signal in the brain, it is the neurotransmitter that drives inspiration and goal-oriented behavior. Increasing dopamine raises drive, motivation, zeal, and determination. Clinical studies have shown that Tyrosine supplementation enhances mental performance in conditions of exhausting circumstances, such as sleep deprivation, severe cold, blaring noise, and enormous pressure. These effects are due to increased levels of dopamine. The 500mg dose of L-Tyrosine is substantial compared to other leading nootropics. 

Methylliberine – 125mg

Methylliberine is a naturally occurring caffeine metabolite found in many plants containing caffeine: coffee, cocoa, cola nuts, yerba mate, and tea. Many brain supplements today will use methylliberine because of its stimulating potency. Methylliberine is said to have many of the same benefits as caffeine, without the side effects. Genius Consciousness supplement contains 125mg, which is a standard dose. 

Caffeine – 100mg

Caffeine is one of the most effective nootropic catalysts in existence. Most of us costume caffeine daily without considering its potency and effect on the body. Caffeine is an incredibly potent stimulant with a tiny minimum active dose and considerable reverberations. Caffeine will immediately reduce fatigue, sharpen focus, accelerate reaction time, and increase motivation. The drawback is that caffeine can also cause energy crashes, fidgeting, anxiety, and lassitude. Genius Consciousness contains 100mg of caffeine which is a significant amount when mixed with 125mg of methylliberine. 

SerinAid®  (50% Phosphatidylserine) 

SerinAid is a branded form of phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine, used in all of the leading nootropics on the market because of its reliability and efficient results. Phosphatidylserine is the fundamental building block for your brains cell membrane. Our phosphatidylserine levels decrease as we age, resulting in substandard brain cell repair and regeneration. Clinical trials have found that supplementing with phosphatidylserine will notably improve memory, concentration, and mental clarity in the long term, especially in older people with mild memory issues. Genius Consciousness ingredients are overall of very high quality, proven through their use of SerinAid in their supplement. 

NeuroFactor™ – 100mg

NeuroFactor, unlike AlphaSize or SerinAid, is not going too much in regards to your cognitive performance or long-term brain health. Neuro Factor is an extract found in coffee beans. According to the manufacturer, the coffee extract condenses the antioxidants and polyphenols found in the coffee beans; these compounds are supposed to improve brain health and promote Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). A monumental discovery, as BDNF controls brain cell development and growth. However, no proven evidence can confirm the great benefits of Neuro Factor. 

AstraGin™ Panax Ginseng extract – 50mg 

Panax ginseng is a pillar of traditional medicine and a prevalent ingredient in many brain supplements. Panax ginseng extract has many benefits when consumed regularly as; improved immune system function, reduced stress and anxiety, decreased cholesterol, and increased energy levels. However, there is no strong indication or proof to suggest that Panax ginseng has nootropic benefits. Although I don’t believe Panax Ginseng is that potent as a nootropic, it does have beneficial effects related to anxiety and overall health. 

Huperzia serrata (1% Huperzine A) – 10mg

Huperzine A is an extraordinary focus and concentration enhancer. Taking Huperzine A is known to quickly sharpen focus, accelerate reaction times, and speed up information processing. Huperzine A works by constraining the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down acetylcholine between your neurons. By inhibiting this enzyme, Huperzine A causes a sudden amassing of acetylcholine in the brain. An overall improvement in executive cognitive function. Though, if left untreated, acetylcholine can cause problems in the brain. Too much acetylcholine can clog up your neurons, inhibiting cognitive performance. Therefore, you need to pause supplementation from Genius Consciousness regularly.

Our Commentary on Genius Consciousness’ Ingredients

Overall, we think the Genius Consciousness formula is fairly good. It stands up well to other nootropics on sale today, and it seems to cover both short-term and long-term cognitive function. That being said, Genius Consciousness is by no means a perfect nootropic. It has some major problems that prevent it from being among the best nootropics out there.

A major selling point of the supplement is that it gives you large doses of key ingredients – including Lion’s Mane, Caffeine, and Phosphatidylserine among others. Coupled with Alpha-GPC, these ingredients should help boost your recall and focus in the short-term while also taking care of long-term brain cell maintenance.

However, ironically, adding Huperzine A to the mix means Genius Consciousness can’t be used long-term, every day. Huperzine A is a powerful cognitive enhancer in the short-term, but can cause serious side effects when used in high amounts daily. What this does, is effectively cancels out the benefits of Phosphatidylserine, Alpha-GPC and Lion’s Mane which need to be supplemented consistently long-term to work.

Additionally, some ingredients in Genius Consciousness – such as Panax Ginseng and NeuroFactor – aren’t proven to work as nootropics.

As a whole, Genius Consciousness isn’t the best brain supplement we’ve seen. While it does have high amounts of excellent ingredients, it also uses unproven nootropics and aggressive stimulants which puts us off.

If you want to safely enhance memory, focus, and long-term information retention, there are better nootropic formulas on offer right now.

User Reviews

“I like the flavor and I notice that my concentration and recall has improved.” – Saralyn Petitt

“Great product but I don’t like the caffeine in it” – Michael A Martinez Jr

“Improved concentration, highly recommended.” – Brandon Taylor

The Price

The Genius Brand uses higher quality ingredients, making the price of the nootropic supplement have a higher retail price compared to some brands. To break down the cost, $37.99 for the 79 grams of product, the cost per serving comes around $2.54. Looking at it this way, the price is lower than the cost of most energy drinks on the market. 

Side Effects

If used sporadically, Genius Consciousness should not cause adverse effects in most people. Users have reported symptoms of fatigue, memory loss, migraine, dizziness, and diarrhea. However, these side effects are rare and typically short-term. Taking caffeine and methylliberine in isolation may cause side effects, especially at the doses found in Genius Consciousness. The side effects of combining these stimulants include sweating, jitters, stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea, shortness of breath, difficulty focusing, heart palpitations, insomnia, and hypertension. 

I do not see taking Genius Consciousness regularly as you’re likely to experience some adverse effects from the high caffeine content and large methylliberine dose. Huperzine A is also a side effect concern; it prevents the brain from getting rid of excess acetylcholine. Long-term daily use can cause side effects of lethargy, memory loss, headaches, and low mood. Nootropic side effects are usually mild, specifically if they are natural nootropic stacks. But do not rule out nootropics as being necessarily safe even when they use 100% natural ingredients, such as in the case of Genius Consciousness.


Overall, Genius Consciousness has noticeable positive effects and may prove sufficient in the short term. However, due to its downsides, we don’t think it’s a good option if you’re looking for to be taken daily to improve your long-term brain performance. There are safer, more effective options on the market for that goal.

Please remember that this review is not me giving medical advice. We’re not doctors; this review is our team’s honest and informative opinion based on our research. Before taking any supplements, please consult your doctor beforehand. 

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