Jocko Discipline GO Review - Does it Work?

Here’s our Jocko GO Drink Review – now updated. In this review, we’ll be going over the Jocko GO nootropic/energy drink to see if it can help benefit you! Some background information for you:

  • Jocko GO energy drinks are keto and sugar-free.
  • They come in 10 flavors.
  • An energizing nootropic supplement.
  • Also available as Jocko Discipline GO capsules which have a different ingredient profile.

Jocko Discipline GO’s goal was to create a nootropic drink that enhanced memory, attention, and focus while giving you the extra energy to push forward. An energy drink on steroids, if you will. But does it really work as advertised?

In this review, we will go over the ingredients checking the efficacy and safety of the supplement. Is it worth buying? Our team finds out!


  • Uses a few well-known ingredients that may help with cognitive performance
  • Fully transparent with no proprietary blends
  • Variety of flavors to choose from
  • Zero artificial ingredients & no preservatives
  • Keto-friendly & sugar-free


  • Cost is high for the effectiveness
  • The dose of Alpha-GPC is ineffective
  • Insufficient dosage of Bacopa monnieri

Summary: Jocko Discipline GO is a nootropic energy drink that is said to combat stress, boost energy, improve clarity, and enhance cognitive and physical performance. You can also get it in the capsule version which is a bit more effective for brain support. Jocko GO uses a few well-known and beneficial brain ingredients in its formulas. As a consumer, we want to know that the products we use are of high-quality and effectiveness.

The energy drink is great for keto lovers and sugar-free enthusiasts. A nice bonus is that the nootropic energy drink contains no preservatives. However, both versions of Jocko GO – the energy drink and the capsule version – are missing core ingredients that would make them more effective in terms of brain energy, long-term cognitive support, neurogenesis, and other benefits you can expect from the best nootropic supplements.

What do we recommend?

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About Jocko Discipline GO

Claimed Benefits: Improves mental clarity, boosts energy, enhanced cognitive and physical performance.

Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Choline, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Alpha – GPC, Theobromine, L-Theanine, Bacopa Monnieri*Filtered Carbonate Water, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Extract*

Manufacturer: Origin Labs

Available at: Origin Maine, Amazon, Walmart

Price: $35.99 for a pack of 12 cans

Jocko Discipline GO is a nootropic energy drink that provides a balance of cognitive and physical enhancement. Jocko GO will give you the needed energy to get through tasks. We like seeing that Jocko Discipline GO uses effective ingredients to improve and vitalize the mind and body. The ingredients used are simple and have potential. Jocko Discipline GO prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients, no proprietary blends. Jocko GO does a great job of being transparent with their ingredients, informing the use of the doses throughout this supplement.


Here’s a closer look at the ingredients in Jocko Discipline Go, their effects, potential side effects, how they work in your body, and what the studies say about them.

Jocko Discipline GO Energy Drink Ingredients
Jocko Discipline GO Energy Drink Ingredients
The Ingredients in the Jocko Discipline GO Nootropic Capsule Version
The Ingredients in the Jocko Discipline GO Nootropic Capsule Version

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – 500mg

• Used in nootropic supplements to enhance cognitive performance.

• The standard dose is 500-2,000mg.

• Boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue.

• Its main benefit is improving cognitive function and muscle gain.

• ALCAR goes well with caffeine and choline, improving fatigue and physical performance.

Jocko Discipline GO has a standard dose of ALCAR in its supplement; you should be able to see the benefits from this ingredient.

Caffeine – 95mg

• Caffeine is a powerful stimulant used to improve physical strength and endurance.

• Caffeine supplements usually start with a 100mg dose.

• Caffeine can increase your power output, improving your weight lifting performance.

• Caffeine is a form of nootropic and performance enhancer that provides both physical and mental stimulation.

• Caffeine goes well with L-Theanine.

• A potent stimulant that immediately reduces fatigue, sharpens focus, and increases motivation.

• The drawbacks: energy crashes, fidgeting, and anxiety.

Jocko Discipline GO energy drinks have 95mg of caffeine which is an expected amount for energy drinks. But keep in mind, we can build a tolerance for caffeine, so we should be careful how much we consume.

Alpha – GPC – 100mg

• A choline-containing supplement.

• Improves speech, working memory, learning, concentration, and muscle contraction.

• A standard dose of Alpha-GPC is 300-600mg.

• 600mg is recommended as a good dose for athletes wanting to enhance their power output.

This energy drink only has 100mg of Alpha-GPC; you will barely see any noticeable improvements.

Theobromine – 100mg

• Naturally derived from the cocoa plant.

• Theobromine may increase energy levels, enhanced cognitive performance, improve sleep quality, and allow for better blood flow.

• Standard dose for cocoa flavonols is 500-1,000mg daily.

• Theobromine will help blood flow for an increase in better heart, lung, and muscle function.

• Theobromine is in the same class of stimulants like caffeine, but it lasts longer, provides more relaxation, and has no energy crash.

L – Theanine – 95mg

• Reduces anxiety, stress and allows for relaxation.

• May increase your sleep quality.

• A combination of theanine and caffeine at 200mg each; is noted to be synergetic in promoting cognition and attention.

• May help with your anxiety and depression.

Bacopa Monnieri – 50mg

• Bacopa monnieri is one of the best natural nootropics for memory and overall cognitive health.

• Consuming Bacopa daily is highly effective for improving memory, cognitive performance, and stress reduction.

• Bacopa takes time to work, weeks and months before any notable improvements.

• The standard dose is 300mg, assuming that the active compound is 55% of its weight.

Jocko Discipline GO energy drink uses Bacopa as an extract. That would mean that the 50mg provided in this supplement is any noticeable improvement in memory, cognitive performance, and stress reduction. You would need six times the amount offered in this energy drink.

Our Commentary on Jocko Discipline GO Ingredients

The ingredients in Jocko Discipline GO Energy Drink are decent. The formula has no issues when following the recommended serving size. But despite having positive user reviews, Jocko Discipline GO is not the best nootropic product we have seen. There are more effective options on the market that will enhance physical performance and improve cognitive health.

Important note: The Jocko Discipline GO nootropic capsule version contains a slightly different ingredient profile, with ingredients like Ashwagandha and Phosphatidylserine included, both of which can help reduce your stress levels. However, the Jocko GO capsule version is not without its downsides. It contains several questionable nootropics like Beetroot powder, contains underdosed Alpha GPC, and is missing some core ingredients that make it fall behind market-leading brain supplements for us.

User Reviews

Here’s what some customers said about Jocko Discipline GO energy drink:

“On paper this is a clean product, the ingredients in the back are better than other competing drinks on the market. But in reality this product gave me a crash every time I had it. Tried multiple flavors and had the same effect on all of them. No too impressed.” – Caio Moretti

Wow the taste is not for everyone. I would agree it has a weird flavor to it, bitter with a strong aftertaste or maybe B vitamins? I don’t really know. I can’t recommend it, at least just try one before you buy a case.” – Greg Savidge

“Energy ok, taste not so much.” – Wade

Price, Dose & Side Effects

The recommended serving size is one can (12 fl. oz/355mL), and you are paying $35.99 for a pack of twelve cans. Jocko Discipline GO has an assortment of flavors so, you’re sure to find one to your liking. Although Jock GO has a decent formula and 10 flavors and is relatively better than most energy drinks, the cost is steep for the product’s value. From our research, we found no apparent side effects for Jocko GO energy drinks, unless you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Jocko Discipline GO vs Alpha Brain: Which is Better?

While neither Jocko Discipline GO nor Alpha Brain makes it on our top 3 nootropic list, Jocko Discipline GO is the better option between the two. Jocko Discipline GO supplement has a transparent ingredient label, it has more proven ingredients, and is better value for money overall.

Alpha Brain, on the other hand, uses several ingredients that haven’t been proven to work as nootropics and hides their doses behind a proprietary blend, so you can’t tell how much you’re getting.

If you want to support your focus, clarity, energy, memory, and long-term brain function, Jocko Discipline GO is definitely the better option than Alpha Brain, but it’s still not the best nootropic supplement we’ve reviewed.


Jocko Discipline GO is an overall good energy drink with high-quality ingredients. The same goes for the Jocko Discipline GO nootropic supplement – the capsule version. If you take the recommended dose, you should be fine and not experience any side effects.

Jocko Discipline GO is a better alternative to energy drinks like Redbull or Monster but, it’s not the best brain supplement for memory, focus, and mood enhancement. It’s also pricey for just 12 cans per package.

If you are looking for a healthier, vitalizing energy drink, then try Jocko Discipline GO. However, as far as brain supplements go, there are definitely more comprehensive formulas than Jocko Discilpine GO available on the market.

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