Memotenz vs Alpha Brain

Today we’re comparing Memotenz and Alpha Brain – two popular brain supplements. Both are natural, legal, and available to buy over the counter (OTC), making them an interesting alternative to prescription drugs. However, how do they stack up against one another? Which one is going to have a bigger impact on your focus, memory, and daily cognitive function? We give you a TL;DR first, followed by a more detailed report to read at your leisure.

Alpha Brain vs Memotenz TL;DR

Memotenz vs Alpha Brain Summary:

While neither makes it onto our top list, Alpha Brain has a slight edge over Memotenz. While Alpha Brain costs far more ($79.95 vs $49.95), it is healthier for everyday use and contains some well-studied cognitive-enhancing ingredients.

Alpha Brain may give you a slight improvement in your everyday focus and ability to memorize things. That said, for the price that is being charged for Alpha Brain, it has far too many downsides for us to recommend it over other market-leading brain supplements. If you’re serious about improving your cognition, productivity, and focus, there are, without question, better options available today.

What do we recommend?

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About the Products


Memotenz is a brain supplement, also known as a “nootropic,” which is said to naturally elevate different aspects of your cognitive function. These include:

  • Mental clarity
  • Ability to concentrate for prolonged periods of time
  • Brain energy & endurance

It comes in bottles of 60 capsules, and the serving size is 2 capsules per day, with your meals ideally.

Does Memotenz really work? This nootropic has been getting quite a lot of hype lately, but how does it compare to Alpha Brain and other popular brain supplements? We will find you in a minute when we check Memotenz’s ingredient profile.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is an all-natural brain supplement, aka, a nootropic, from the well-known American manufacturer Onnit.

Alpha Brain is currently one of the most popular brain supplements around – being backed by the likes of Joe Rogan and other celebrities.

The benefits you’re promised with Alpha Brain include:

  • Supports memory
  • Promotes mental speed
  • Enhances focus

It’s clear Onnit has invested a lot into the marketing of Alpha Brain, hence the huge ads and promotions by celebrities you see everywhere.

However, this is nothing new to us. We’ve reviewed many popular supplements in the past, and oftentimes, the results don’t live up to the hype.

Is Alpha Brain actually one of those rare nootropics that deliver on all of their claims?

Let’s find out in detail!

Memotenz vs Alpha Brain: Ingredients

The best way to find out which brain supplement is superior is by analyzing their ingredient profiles. Fancy marketing aside, the ingredients will tell us exactly what you can expect from Memotenz and Alpha Brain.

Let’s see what the science says, shall we?

Memotenz – Formula Analysis

Memotenz is one big proprietary blend. You get a bunch of ingredients thrown together as a single value on the label. Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Siberian Ginseng Extract, Alpha Lipoic Extract, and Phosphatidylserine are the ingredients in the Memotenz blend, which weighs 1000mg.

The thing with proprietary blends like this one is that you can see the total dosage of these ingredients, but you can’t see their individual dosages. This makes it difficult if not impossible to assess how effectively and safely dosed these ingredients are.

The ingredients themselves in Memotenz don’t look too bad. Bacopa and Ginkgo are both well-studied natural ingredients known to improve your memory function and other mental processes. Bacopa achieves this by increasing the efficacy of your neuron-to-neuron communication, whereas Ginkgo increases blood flow to the brain to boost the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your brain cells.

Phosphatidylserine is another ingredient in Memotenz worth mentioning. Together with Bacopa and Ginkgo, it works to promote long-term brain health by warding off symptoms of premature cognitive decline, such as memory loss.

Assuming that these ingredients are dosed correctly, you should experience some slight improvements to your memory and mental clarity.

But there are also some downsides to Memotenz.

For one, it uses Siberian Ginseng which is not thoroughly studied in humans. A far better inclusion would be its Asian cousin – Panax Ginseng, which is shown to improve mood and mental well-being.

But this isn’t the biggest issue with Memotenz. The biggest concern is the inclusion of Alpha Loic Acid. This seemingly harmless antioxidant has many important functions in your body, but supplementing it in higher amounts can chelate and redistribute heavy metals around your body, which can be harmful if you don’t take it properly. ALA should only be taken under the supervision of a medical professional trained in heavy metal chelation. For more information on the dangers of improper Alpha Lipoic Acid use, check the Andy Cutler Chelation protocol.

Overall, Memotenz is far from the best nootropic we’ve seen. Considering its potential risk of side effects, we don’t recommend it for anyone serious about supporting their brain function in a healthy manner.

Alpha Brain – Formula Analysis

Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients

Alpha Brain contains a lot more ingredients than Memotenz. These include L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, and Huperzine A, to name only a few. The only ingredient that Memotenz and Alpha Brain share is Phosphatidylserine, which, as we’ve seen, is not overly beneficial for short-term brain improvement but it may provide some protective effects to your cognition when taken daily.

Just like Memotenz, Alpha Brain is using proprietary blends. This means that you can’t see the exact dosages of some ingredients. The manufacturer could’ve put trace amounts of key beneficial ingredients while stuffing the formula with cheaper fillers without us being able to tell.

For example, the Onnit Flow Blend could be 99% oat straw. This would be a huge problem as oat straw is an unproven nootropic – it doesn’t do much for your brain health.

However, let’s assume for a moment that the ingredients in Alpha Brain are correctly dosed. Are the ingredients themselves effective and proven as safe?

Well, it’s a mixed bag. Some of the ingredients in Alpha Brain, such as Pterostilbene, L-Theanine, and Alpha GPC are indeed effective for improving your memory and focus. Taking these ingredients daily can result in increased mental clarity and ability to remember and learn new information.

But there are also some completely unproven ad ineffective ingredients in Alpha Brain such as Oat Straw and Cat’s Claw. What’s more, Alpha Brain is using Huperzine A, which is known to improve memory and focus in the short term. However, Huperzine A shouldn’t be taken for prolonged periods of time without taking a break, because it can cause headaches and (ironically) memory loss.

Here we come to one of the biggest problems with Alpha Brain: in order for its key ingredients to work best, it needs to be taken daily for months. However, this is not possible since you need to cycle it on and off every few weeks due to Huperzine A. In other words, Huperzine A effectively cancels the benefits of other ingredients in Alpha Brain that actually work and are safe.

Unfortunately, these are only just some of the main issues with Alpha Brain’s formula. We didn’t even mention the fact that Alpha Brain is missing many core ingredients that the best brain supplements use, including Pine Bark Extract, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and Rhodiola Rosea.

Overall, Alpha Brain looks like a safer and more effective supplement than Memotenz. However, due to its major downsides, it is still far from the best nootropic formula on the market today.

Memotenz vs Alpha Brain: Safety & Quality

Memotenz and Alpha Brain both use relatively well-known ingredients which, for the most part, are known to be safe and well tolerated. Between the two, though, Memotenz is definitely the riskier option as it contains Alpha Lipoic Acid. Which, as we’ve explained, can lead to a whole host of side effects in people who take it improperly.

Alpha Brain is relatively safe if you take a break from it every few weeks. This is because of Huperzine A which needs to be cycled on and off in order to avoid side effects such as headaches and nausea, among others.

Memotenz vs Alpha Brain: Customer Reviews

Between the two, Alpha Brain is definitely the more popular nootropic. It has thousands of reviews and testimonials across the internet, not least because of Onnit’s powerful PR and marketing campaigns. You could say that this makes it hard to determine which reviews are legitimate and which ones are not, and you’d be correct.

The best way to find out how a product will work for you is by doing the research for yourself by checking the ingredients and the evidence behind them, if there is any.

If a supplement contains ingredients that have been shown, time and time again, in reputable human studies to work and be safe, then you’ll know that you’re getting a quality supplement. This is a much better way of gauging how a nootropic will work for you compared to leaning on other people’s “testimonials” – which, as we’ve mentioned, can easily be faked.

Price & Where to Buy

The price of Memotenz is $44.95 per bottle (a month’s worth). You can get better deals when you buy the product in bulk. Memotenz is available on Amazon as well as on its official website (which doesn’t look overly trustworthy – see it for yourself and compare it to Alpha Brain’s website).

Alpha Brain costs far more than Memotenz – $79.95 for a single-time purchase. You can reduce the cost a bit if you decide to subscribe to recurring delivery and payments for Alpha Brain, which isn’t something we’d recommend if you’re buying it for the first time. Alpha Brain, too, is available on its official website and on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Which one is going to give you a better effect on your memory, focus, and general cognitive function? Which one is safer?

Between Alpha Brain and Memotenz, both have some massive downsides that make them far behind the leading brain supplements. If we had to pick, we would go with Alpha Brain, which has more effective ingredients, and it is safer (provided you take a break from it every 4-6 weeks or so).

However, when you factor in Alpha Brain’s price, there is no question that there are far better supplements available on the market today. For the price that is being charged, it has too many downsides, including using some ineffective and unproven ingredients, and not being nearly as effective as other options when it comes to elevating your mood, cognitive performance, and mental well-being.

What do we recommend?

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