Memotenz vs Prevagen

Memotenz vs Prevagen Summary:

Memotenz and Prevagen are both over-the-counter, legal, USA-made brain supplements. They contain natural ingredients that their manufacturers claim will help improve your memory, information processing, cognitive performance, and overall brain function. This makes them an attractive alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. However, between the two, which one is better?

The short answer is that neither Prevagen nor Memontenz are good brain supplements. They have incomplete formulas – missing many important ingredients that the best nootropics use for synergistic benefits on your focus, memory, and cognitive health. Memotenz contains some risky ingredients, as well.

For the prices that are being charged for these two products, you can definitely find healthier and more effective options on the market.

What do we recommend?

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Memotenz vs Prevagen: Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at the formulas of Prevagen and Memotenz in order to find out which one is the more effective and safer nootropic when it comes to enhancing your cognitive performance.

Memotenz Formula

At first glance, Memotenz gives us mixed first impressions.

For one, it has several well-known nootropic ingredients, including Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba, and Phosphatidylserine. These are all heavily studied ingredients that are known to positively affect your cognitive function in one way or another.

For example, Bacopa improves the efficiency of the communication of your brain cells, helping with clear thinking. Ginkgo Biloba, meanwhile, boosts brain blood flow which is shown to have the most impact on older folks who suffer from memory loss.

Phosphatidylserine is another great inclusion. It works to enhance your brain cell fluidity, integrity, and overall health. This makes perfect sense when you consider that phosphatidylserine is an integral part of your brain cell membranes – being a naturally occurring compound.

Together, some of these ingredients in Memotenz should enhance your memory and focus to a degree, although probably only slightly. This is due to the fact that some of the ingredients in Memotenz could be underdosed.

Memotenz is using a proprietary blend, which means you only see the combined dosage of the ingredients, but not their individual dosages. This is one of the red flags that we often warn about in our reviews.

Another issue with Memotenz is that it uses some unproven and risky ingredients. Siberian Ginseng is an herb that is not well-studied in humans. A much better alternative is its Asian cousin, Panax Ginseng, which is known to elevate mood & cognitive well-being.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is the risky one. It is an otherwise healthy antioxidant that your body naturally makes or gets in tiny amounts from food. But when supplemented in higher dosages, Alpha Lipoic Acid can chelate heavy metals from your body. The problem is, that ALA has a half-life of 3-4 hours, which means that it needs to be taken in certain intervals for it to work safely and effectively.

Taking ALA improperly could cause heavy metals to not be excreted, but redistributed throughout your body. This is why you’ll see many reports of severe side effects from ALA, including vertigo, memory loss, and extreme nausea among others. ALA should never be taken by people who have silver amalgam fillings in their mouths. It’s important that you do your research on this ingredient in order to find out how to take it properly. The best place to start is Andrew Hall Cutler’s Safe Amalgam & Heavy Metal Detox protocol.

We’ve digressed a little. To summarize this section, Memotenz is a nootropic with some decent ingredients, but it’s far from the best. It is hiding ingredient dosages in a proprietary blend so we can’t see how effectively or safely dosed they are. What’s more, Memotenz is using some ineffective and potentially harmful ingredients that should be replaced with proven compounds such as CDP-Choline, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and other well-studied nootropics which are the best brain supplements use. As it is right now, Memotenz is definitely not a brain supplement we recommend.

Prevagen Formula

So, how does Prevagen fare compared to Memotenz?

It only has 2 ingredients, which is a really small number for a nootropic supplement. Typically, the best nootropic supplements use at least 6-8 ingredients in their formula to achieve synergistic benefits on your focus, mental clarity, memory retention, brain cell protection, and productivity.

Can Prevagen do all it claims to do with just 2 ingredients?

The answer is a resounding no.

You see, the two ingredients that Prevagen contains are Vitamin D, and Apoaequorin. The former is a basic nutrient that we either get from the sun, food, or a cheap vitamin D supplement. It doesn’t do much on its own unless you’re severely deficient. If you are, then supplementing vitamin D could improve your hormone levels and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

So that leaves us with Apoaequorin. What does this mysterious ingredient do? Apparently, it is the main player behind Prevagen’s effects.

According to Quincy Bioscience, Prevagen’s manufacturers, Apoaequorin works to clear calcium from your brain, along with improving the efficiency and health of your brain cells.

The problem is, there are only a couple of unreliable human studies done on Apoaequorin, and they’re all done by researchers which are funded by Quincy Bioscience. Some of these studies have even been pulled from NCBI for falsifying results.

Unfortunately, Apoaequorin doesn’t seem like it can do anything for your brain health, at all.

While it seems to be harmless, it is a completely unproven ingredient when it comes to improving mental performance. Don’t be fooled by the hype.

Overall then, Prevagen doesn’t fare any better than Memotenz. In fact, both nootropics are downright terrible. While Prevagen is the safer option, what’s the point of taking it if you aren’t going to experience any cognitive improvement? If you’re serious about supporting your brain function, you should look into other market-leading options, because the two that we’re reviewing today are a complete waste of money in our opinion.

Memotenz vs Prevagen: Safety & Quality

Prevagen is the safer of the two. It contains fewer ingredients than Memotenz and the ingredients themselves are known to be harmless and healthy for daily use. Memotenz contains Alpha Lipoic Acid which can cause nausea, headaches, vertigo, and heartburn to name a few.

Memotenz vs Prevagen: Customer Reviews

Both Memotenz and Prevagen have many people reviewing it and leaving their testimonials online. Between the two, though, Prevagen is far more popular. Don’t let this fool you, however, into believing that Prevagen is far better just because more people are praising it. The truth with these “testimonials” is that most of them are sponsored or funded by manufacturers. This can make it difficult to assess how the product will work for you. In our experience, the best way to find out that answer is by doing the research for yourself, in terms of the ingredients and studies. This is a far better gauge than reading other user reviews.

Price & Where to Buy

Memotenz is available on Amazon as well as on its official website for the price of $49.95 per bottle (30 servings).

The same goes for Prevagen, which is available in multiple versions, including “Extra Strength” and “Prevagen Gummies.” Depending on which version you pick the price varies. For the original Prevagen (30 caps regular strength), the price is $39.95.

Final Thoughts

Between Prevagen and Memotenz, which one should you buy?

The answer is neither one.

In the end, Prevagen and Memotenz both have too many downsides for us to recommend them over the market-leading supplements.

For Prevagen, the main issue is that it is using only 2 ingredients, one of which is a basic nutrient and the other isn’t even proven to work.

For Memotenz, the issue is the usage of a proprietary blend that doesn’t show you how much of each ingredient you’re getting. 99% of the formula could be made up of filler or cheap ingredients without you knowing. Memotenz is also using some risky ingredients such as ALA which can cause serious side effects if taken improperly.

There are far better nootropics on the market today, without question.

What do we recommend?

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