Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain - Which is Better?

Today we have this Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain comparison for you. We’re going to compare these two nootropic supplements to see which is more effective for cognitive support, as well as which is safer and better value for money.

Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain SUMMARY:

While neither Neuriva nor Dynamic Brain make it on our top 3 list, Neuriva is the winner in this particular comparison.

Although Neuriva only has 2 ingredients, one of those ingredients is Phosphatidylserine – a proven brain health nutrient. Neuriva also shows you all ingredient doses on the label, compared to Dynamic Brain which hides crucial dosage information inside a proprietary blend.

Dynamic Brain also uses Huperzine A which needs to be cycled in order to avoid side effects.

Ultimately, Neuriva is far from the best nootropic supplement since it lacks many core ingredients, but due to Dynamic Brain’s lack of transparency, it’s the winner of our comparison today.

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Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain: About the Products

About Neuriva

Neuriva is a dietary supplement developed to improve brain function and mental performance. It contains 2 completely natural, non-GMO nootropic ingredients you may already have heard of – Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract.

These two ingredients are said by Schiff Vitamins (Neuriva’s manufacturer) to provide you these benefits:

  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved focus & concentration
  • Better overall learning ability

You will find two different versions of Neuriva Brain Performance online:

  • Neuriva Original
  • Neuriva Plus

The difference between these two is not huge! Actually, Neuriva Original contains only Coffee Fruit Extract and Phosphatidylserine, whereas Neuriva Plus also includes vitamins B6, Folic Acid, and B12. B vitamins are supportive of your cellular health, promoting digestion, energy levels, and nerve function.

Neuriva Plus also has double the dose of Coffee Fruit Extract. So instead the 100mg per serving you get in Neuriva Original, there is 200mg in the Neuriva Plus variant. As you can see, Neuriva Plus does offer a little more than Neuriva Original – but for a significantly higher price (more on that in a minute).

That said, all versions of Neuriva are caffeine-free, so you don’t need to worry about stimulant sensitivity.

To determine if Neuriva is any good, and how it compares to Dynamic Brain, we took a close look at its ingredient list. This will tell us how effective and safe the ingredients are.

Before delving into that, here are the basics you need to know about Dynamic Brain.

You can also read our complete Neuriva Review for a more detailed insight into this product.

About Dynamic Brain

Dynamic Brain is an OTC food supplement made by Stonehedge Health, a recently established but fast-growing company from California.

Proclaimed benefits of Dynamic Brain are:

  • Complete brain support
  • Maximizes memory and focus
  • Improves your mental clarity

Just like Neuriva, Dynamic Brain is 100% natural and vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, and devoid of any harmful substances.

The recommended Dynamic Brain dosage is 2 capsules, once per day, 20-30 minutes before a meal.

One difference you’ll find with Dynamic Brain is that it has a massive formula compared to Neuriva. But does more mean better in this case? Will it be more effective for providing you with the claimed benefits? And does having more ingredients raise the risk of negative reactions? We find out below.

You can also read our complete Dynamic Brain review for a more detailed insight into this product.

Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain: Ingredients

As we said, Neuriva Original contains 2 ingredients versus Dynamic Brain’s 38+. To say this is a huge difference is probably an understatement!

However, does having more ingredients put Dynamic Brain ahead of Neuriva in their race for quality, effectiveness, and overall value for money you’ll be getting?

Actually, we think it doesn’t.

As you’ll see below, both Neuriva and Dynamic Brain have some major flaws – which put them out of the race with the best nootropic supplements currently on sale.

Neuriva is only 2 ingredients strong, one of which isn’t yet proven by evidence to work. It’s missing a lot of the ingredients that would make it more effective at delivering on its claims.

That being said, Neuriva has a significantly lighter and safer formula with its 2 ingredients – both of which have their dosages clearly written on the label. The same can’t be said for Dynamic Brain.

Here’s a look:

Neuriva’s Formula

Neuriva Ingredients

As we repeated, Neuriva’s cognitive benefits are reportedly all because of its two ingredients – Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract.

Here’s what you need to know about these compounds.

  • Coffee Fruit Extract

As coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, pretty much everyone knows what coffee beans are. However, don’t mix these with coffee fruit as they’re not the same thing.

Coffee fruit is a small, round fruit growing on the coffee plant. In the fruit are the coffee beans, which are used for brewing coffee. After you remove the beans from the fruit, you typically throw the fruit’s body away.

But some thing coffee fruit is actually a source of brain-healthy nutrients. In fact, there’s some emerging research showing that compounds in coffee fruit could be beneficial for raising your BDNF levels. BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, is a protein responsible for nurturing and repairing your brain cells.

Obviously, having higher BDNF levels is a great thing as it helps ward off cognitive decline over the years, along with promoting brain plasticity and function.

However, these claims about coffee fruit are still not proven. Although some early (and small) research shows promise, there are still only a few human studies existing on coffee fruit extract’s nootropic benefits, so we can’t say with certainty how it will work for you.

However, here’s the most important part – pay close attention: the studies on coffee fruit have mainly used whole coffee fruit concentrate powder, which is different from Neuriva’s Coffee Fruit extract.

The whole fruit concentrate implies it contains all of the parts of the coffee fruit, whereas Neuriva only contains an extract of a specific part of the fruit – and doesn’t tell us which part it is!

In other words, it’s possible that the coffee fruit extract in Neuriva doesn’t produce any effect at all.

For now, we can’t recommend this ingredient as one of the best out there when it comes to improving brain health. There are many natural ingredients on the market that Neuriva could’ve included that are proven to enhance your cognitive functions like memory, focus, and motivation amongst others.

  • Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine – or PS, for short – is a fatty compound naturally found in high amounts in the human brain. It contributes to normal neurological & cognitive functions.

You can get Phosphatidylserine through foods, and your body makes it naturally on its own. Still, supplementation can be of benefits; especially in older people.

PS supplementation shows an improvement in memory and cognitive capacity. A daily dose of 100mg of PS, three times per day, has been shown to help slow down cognitive decline in some individuals.

For younger folks such as athletes, a higher single dose of 200-400mg has been used to balance stress response during intense physical or mental activities.

However, you are unlikely to be noticing an effect from Phosphatidylserine supplementation alone – this compound is more of a long-term brain health promotor, rather than something to quickly boost your focus or memory function. This is why the best brain supplements pair it with other compounds to produce synergistic effects.

Which brings us to our next point…

Neuriva is missing a lot of key compounds that are excellent for improving cognitive function.

As far as the current Neuriva formula goes (or Neuriva Plus formula for that matter), it doesn’t look extremely impressive. Despite the tremendous hype, this product doesn’t compare to other nootropics on the market in terms of effectiveness.

Dynamic Brain’s Formula

Whereas Neuriva’s ingredient profile is tiny, Dynamic Brain’s is massive. Dynamic Brain has over 35 active ingredients in its formula – a range of vitamins, minerals, and some herbal extracts. Some of these ingredients are actually some of the most effective compounds for brain health around – but they’re all masked within a proprietary blend.

The proprietary blend shows you the combined dose of all the ingredients in it. But not the dose of every ingredient. This makes it impossible to assess the doses for safety and efficacy.

Here’s how it looks:

Dynamic Brain Ingredients

In a nutshell, you only see the amounts of vitamins and minerals on the label of Dynamic Brain. The rest of the ingredients are stuffed together within the proprietary blend, wighing 617mg in total. We can’t tell how many of those ingredients are underdosed, and how many are potentially over-served.

As concerning as it is though, the properietary blend isn’t even the biggest issue of Stonehedge Health Dynamic Brain.

Another problem with this nootropic formula is that it used Huperzine A. This ingredient effectively raises your acetylcholine levels, which is a neurotransmitter that governs your memory function and information processing among others.

However, long-term Huperzine A use leads to side effects, so you will need to take prolonged breaks from this ingredient. But in doing so, you’re making other ingredients in Dynamic Brain that need to be taken daily less effective.

Our Opinion on Neuriva’s vs Dynamic Brain’s Ingredient Profile

When it comes to their effectiveness, any of the current best-rated brain health supplements would blow Neuriva’s and Dynamic Brain’s ingredients out of the water.

If we had to pick between the two though, we’d definitely go with Neuriva’s ingredient formula. It at least clearly shows you what’s on the label, even though it’s not much.

Neuriva is far from the top nootropic supplement, but it’s certainly better than Dynamic Brain which hides many of its key ingredients in a proprietary blend.

Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain: Side Effects

Neuriva is extremely safe with only 2 ingredients inside. The ingredients in Neuriva aren’t known to cause any adverse side effects when taken in doses as low as those in this particular supplement.

Dynamic Brain, on the other hand, does bring some risk of side effects. This is mainly due to the fact that the ingredient doses are undisclosed so you don’t know if you’re getting too much of a certain ingredient. Additionally, Dynamic Brain is using Huperzine A which needs to be cycled in order to avoid insomnia, headaches, cognitive impairment, and other side effects it’s known for.

If you need advice, it’s always best to check with your doctor. Remember: our posts are intended for informational and entertainment purpose only!

Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain: Customer Reviews

Both Neuriva and Dynamic Brain have a high number of extremely positive customer reviews. As a result, it’s hard to say how many of those are paid ads, and how many are legitimate testimonials.

Taking into account the power of these supplement companies, it’s not too difficult to falsify reviews today with the goal of boosting product’s rating. Because of this, the best way to gauge how the supplement will work for you is by inspecting the ingredients for yourself, checking what the science says about them.

Pricing & Availability

Neuriva Brain Performance sells on the official Schiff Vitamins site for between $29.99-$49.95, depending on the version of the supplement. The Neuriva Plus version will cost you $49.95, which is the starting price.

Compared to Neuriva Original, Neuriva Plus has a higher dose of Coffee Fruit Extract, and also has added 3 B vitamins. The rest is the same. Do we think the higher price tag makes Neuriva Plus a better value? Not really! It’s still not nearly as effective as other nootropic supplements in its price bracket.

Dynamic Brain will cost you between $49.95-$53.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules. Depending on where you buy it, the price can vary.

Final Verdict

That concludes our Neuriva vs Dynamic Brain comparison. Although we’re talking about 100% natural, dietary supplements, neither one is good enough to make it on our top 3 list.

While Neuriva is missing more ingredients to do what it claims (improve memory, focus, and brain health as you get older), Dynamic Brain hides its crucial ingredient doses under a “proprietary blend.”

If we had to choose between the two, though, we’d go with Neuriva. With Neuriva, you can at least see the ingredient doses clearly. Although one of its 2 ingredients isn’t proven to work, the second one (Phosphatidylserine) has evidence showing it can promote brain health and ward off mental decline as you age. But as we said, it’s still missing a lot from it to be called a complete brain supplement.

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