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Prevagen vs Neuronol SUMMARY: Prevagen and Neuronol are nootropic food supplements that are said to help to improve your memory, focus, and cognitive function with their nutrients and herbal ingredients. Of the two, Neuronol is the better option as it has more ingredients, and the ingredients themselves are better researched than those of Prevagen. However, neither one makes it onto our “top list” as both supplements have some major downsides.

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Prevagen vs Neuronol: Ingredients

Prevagen’s Ingredients

Prevagen Ingredients Label & Information

Prevagen consists of Vitamin D and Apoaequorin. The rest are all inactive/filler ingredients.

Vitamin D is a nutrient most of us are familiar with. It is mainly obtained from sunlight, but some foods also contain it. Lack of vitamin D in the blood can weaken your bones, make you feel anxious and depressed, and reduce overall cognitive function. So in that regard, supplementing vitamin D is a good idea; especially if you aren’t able to go in the sun often.

Keep in mind that if your vitamin D levels are within healthy ranges, you may not experience any benefits from supplementing it.

So that leaves us with Apoaequorin. What is this ingredient in Prevagen, and what does it do?

The manufacturer claims this is the key ingredient of Prevagen – the one that is responsible for most of the supplement’s memory benefits.

Apoaequorin is a type of a jellyfish protein, which is rumored to “clear” brain cells of excess calcium. By removing harmful calcium build-up in the brain, apoaequorin is said to not only make your brain work more efficiently, but it also helps to protect your brain from long-term damage.

The only problem is, that Apoaequorin is an understudied compound. Apart from a few Prevagen-sponsored studies, there is barely any credible human research on Apoaequorin and its effects on the brain. The only thing we know is that it is relatively safe and shouldn’t cause any issues in most people. But the “memory” claims are not founded in science.

And this is pretty much it. That’s all there is to Prevagen. With just 2 ingredients in the formula – underwhelming ones at that – Prevagen is unlikely to give you any results at all. Most of the reports and “testimonials” around Prevagen’s positive benefits are likely the result of the placebo effect, good marketing by Quincy Bioscience, and paid ads.

Neuronol’s Ingredients

Neuronol Ingredients

Let’s see if Neuronol fares better than Prevagen.

The supplement contains 9 ingredients, which is already a good sign. Some of these include the likes of Taurine, Ginkgo Biloba, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Bacopa Monnieri, all of which are well-studied and effective memory enhancers. Additionally, some of these ingredients in Neuronol may help to increase your focus and concentration, and they’re completely safe and healthy for daily use.

But there is a problem. A massive problem!

Only 2 ingredients have their dosages shown on Neuronol’s label.

Apart from these two B vitamins, you can’t see the dosage of any other ingredient in the formula. This is because most of the key ingredients are in a proprietary blend, which only shows you their combined dosage.

This completely ruins our positive first impressions of Neuronol, as it is now impossible to tell if the manufacturer has correctly dosed the ingredients.

For all we know, Neuronol’s proprietary blend could be 99% glutamine, which is a cheap and ineffective nootropic ingredient.

Assuming that Neuronol’s ingredients are correctly dosed and that the manufacturer didn’t skimp on the formula, you should definitely expect more benefits in terms of focus and memory improvement than with Prevagen. But as we said, there is no way to know, other than taking the “risk” of buying it and testing it for yourself.

As they are right now, neither Prevagen nor Neuronol impressed us. There are definitely better brain health supplements available on the market today.

Prevagen vs Neuronol: Side Effects

Neither one is likely to give you side effects. Prevagen only contains 2 ingredients, which are both known to be safe for use in humans, whereas Neuronol contains 9 ingredients, all of which are also well-studied when it comes to their safety.

Prevagen vs Neuronol: Customer Reviews

Prevagen definitely has the edge in this particular department as it has far more customer reviews than Neuronol. However, that doesn’t mean much as we know that Prevagen’s manufacturer has poured a lot of money into commercials and paid “testimonials”.

Pricing & Availability

Prevagen comes in different versions, including capsules and gummies, as well as different strengths, so the price varies. That said, the price for the original “regular strength” Prevagen is $39.99 per bottle (30 ct).

Neuronol costs $44.95 on Amazon at the moment, for a bottle of 60 capsules (30 servings as the daily serving is 2 ct per day).

Final Verdict

Neuronol vs Prevagen…. Prevagen vs Neuronol… which one to choose?

The truth is that both supplements are letdowns. Whereas Prevagen contains only 2 ingredients, neither of which is particularly effective for brain health, Neuronol contains 9 of them, but most of Neuronol’s ingredients are hidden in a proprietary blend so you can’t see their dosages. This indicates a lack of transparency by the manufacturer and also that there is potentially something being hidden from its users.

While Neuronol is a slightly better choice between the two simply due to the fact that it has more ingredients (and the ingredients themselves are better studied), there are definitely far more effective and more transparent nootropics on the market today.

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