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Smarty Pants vs Focus Factor Summary

Smarty Pants and Focus Factor are both intended to supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients like omega-3s to support your overall brain health. While they can certainly do so to an extent, they’re both missing quite a few core ingredients that are common in the very best nootropic supplements, such as Citicoline, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Bacopa Monnieri, and more.

Between the two, Focus Factor takes the win as it has more ingredients and could be more potent at improving your memory and concentration, all of this while costing a fair price and having low risk of side effects. While Focus Factor is far from the best option on the market, it’s not a bad choice if you’re not able to afford anything more expensive at the moment.

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In 2024, you can stay on the healthiest of diets and yet not be getting sufficient nutrition. With high-yielding crops being chosen over more nutritious heirloom varieties and increasing carbon-dioxide levels across the globe, food quality has been declining over decades

Supplements for optimal body functioning are popular enough among users. Yet, we often ignore catering to the health of the most vital organ: the brain. In this article, we’ll hone in on the specifics of two well-loved supplements that cater to brain health as well as overall wellness: Smarty Pants and Focus Factor; primarily Focus Factor Originals and Smarty Pants capsules. Here’s how they compare to each other:

About the Products

The original Focus Factor comes in bundles of 60, 90, 150, or 180 tablets that individuals can take regardless of their sex. You can consume four daily pills or increase the dosage to eight, depending on your body’s condition. The formula is backed up by clinical studies that show its effectiveness in boosting memory, concentration, and focus. Though the supplement targets brain health, Focus Factor can even replace your daily multivitamins.

Smarty Pants capsules come separately for men and women. They are available in packs of 30 tablets; you must take one daily. These capsules are vegetarian and chock full of ingredients that cater to the consumer’s overall health, including brain health. 

Note that the brand has separate versions of this product to cater to men and women over fifty, along with a prenatal formula. All these versions are priced similarly, though we’ll discuss pricing later. 

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Which Formula is More Effective? 

The Focus Factor Original is marketed as concentrating on brain nutrition with several ingredients well-known for their role in supporting the brain. Some components include multiple vitamins (A, B, C, D, E), Folates, minerals, and plants and fruit extracts in their Proprietary Blend. Users report enhanced focus and memory, going as far as to cite it as the best food for the brain.

The fact that they carry all the necessary vitamins and minerals is a bonus – this one investment will enhance your cognitive processes and replace your daily supplements simultaneously. You get to give yourself small doses throughout the day.  Note that the formula is not vegetarian as it contains fish body oil. 

Smarty Pants markets its capsules as multi-purpose supplements – it caters to overall health, including that of the brain. Smarty Pants capsules address energy requirements, immune support, bone health, hair, skin and nails, thyroid health, eye health, red blood cell formation, and heart health. With omega-3, folates, vitamins B-12, D3, and zinc, the formula is well-rounded and makes getting the proper nutrients easy for everyone. Users report noticeable enhancement in health after taking these capsules. 


Focus Factor is suitable for the average user as it has held a good reputation in the industry for over 20 years. It is essential to note that Focus Factor contains fish and soy, so it is unsuitable for individuals with relevant allergies. The website advises pregnant women and women of childbearing age not to take the drug due to vinpocetine. Some users have reported side effects, such as gastrointestinal distress, aches, nausea, and the likes thereof, possible because of ingredients like grapefruit, choline, L-glutamine, and DMAE. Due to the long list of nutrients, it can be challenging to determine which ones are suitable for you and which aren’t.

Smarty Pants processes are cGMP compliant and free of eight major allergens: tree nuts, wheat, eggs, milk, shellfish, peanut, fish, and synthetics. Each manufactured batch is tested independently for purity and potency to comply with FDA regulations. In the safety department, Smarty Pants definitely wins. Having separate formulas for men and women is also an intelligent decision as it ensures that if an ingredient is not safe for one sex, for instance, a pregnant woman, it won’t exist in the formula. 


Focus Factor retails its Original formula for $24.99 USD, giving you one tablet for $0.139. As four to eight capsules have to be consumed daily, your one-day costs can range from $0.556 to $1.112, depending on your dosage. Smarty Pants capsule formulas retail for $18.81 each, making one capsule worth $0.627. Your one-day cost is fixed at this rate as only one capsule has to be consumed daily. Both the supplements cost around the same, offering a 10% subscription discount as well. 


Between these two, there is no clear winner. Focus Factor concentrates more on brain health, and it’s full of ingredients that can do wonders for an individual without allergies. Consult your healthcare provider before making a choice, as its constituents definitely do not cater to everyone. If you want to adopt a more holistic, safer approach, Smarty Pants is your best option. While it doesn’t focus entirely on brain health, it caters to many needs of the body. 

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